Royal fans think Kate and William turned up late to Coronation sparking last minute change

Royal fans think they have worked out the reason for a last minute change to the Coronation ceremony's order of service.

They're speculating that the Prince and Princess of Wales and their children were late to Saturday's celebration at Westminster Abbey, meaning that they were seated after King Charles and Queen Camilla.

The planned order of service issued by Buckingham Palace showed that William and Kate were supposed to arrive and be seated before them.

It read: "Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte of Wales and Prince Louis of Wales arrive at the Great West Door and are conducted to their seats in the Lantern. All remain seated. Their Majesties The King and The Queen arrive at the West Gate. A fanfare is sounded. All stand."

But that didn't happen – instead the Wales family arrived after the monarch, meaning that the camera panned in to see Charles and Camilla waiting in the carriage, as 2,300 guests patiently waited.

Ac cording to the Mirror, Charles could be seen "talking to Queen Camilla in what appeared to be an irritated manner" as they waited to leave the carriage.

One lip reader also suggested that Charles was agitated, claiming the King said to Camilla: "We can never be on time, there's always something…"

Some eagle-eyed royal fans who noticed the switch speculated that their tardiness may have been due to the youngest member of the Wales family, five year old Prince Louis.

"Reading William and Kate were late to the ceremonies, you just know it’s because of that youngest kid lololol," one person laughed.

Another concluded: "William and Kate were late. Probably Louis making mischief."

Others joked that the pictures of the Wales family on arrival gave off "big row in the car energy," which most families can relate to.

"William and Kate look like they’ve had a row at home. The whole family was late and all looked tense," one person noted.

Although, for the most part, the historic celebrations ran smoothly, there were a couple of other hiccups that viewers picked up on.

During the service, the Archbishop of Canterbury spent several seconds adjusting the crown as the King was officially crowned.

As St Edward’s Crown was placed on the King’s head, there was complete silence in Westminster Abbey as the congregation stood for the occasion.

The archbishop placed it on the King’s head firmly, before giving it a twist in an attempt to keep it on. But after the twist failed to work he lifted the crown up again, before having another go at securing it in position.

After his second attempt, the crown tipped forwards on the King’s head.

Mr Welby then tilted it to the side before he was happy to remove his hands from the crown.

The archbishop then leaned forward towards the King and carefully inspected the crown before eventually retreating. The official crowning of the King took about eight seconds in total.

The official crowning of the late Queen was also not completely smooth, as she raised her hand and appeared to give the archbishop some verbal assistance.

Camilla’s crowing also wasn't the smoothest moment during the coronation as she used her index finger to adjust her hair underneath the crown five times.


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