Rich kids of Instagram have private jets, £10K parties and can make £16k a day

Sometimes we all wish we could be kids again – but you'd definitely wish you could turn back time if you could live the life of luxury that these little ones are experiencing.

From fast cars to amazing holidays – these kids are living the dream, and they haven't even left school yet.

It may be hard to imagine, but some young Instagram stars are making a fortune before they've even hit their teenage years.

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They have big followings and big bank balances, and they could be set to make a lot more money.

Adrian Falk, founder of Believe Advertising & PR, told Fabulous: "Usually the rule of thumb is 100,000 followers is approximately 500 pounds per post, depending on who it is and their engagement rate."

So, if we've got you intrigued, here is a run down of some of the UK's top teen and child influencers.

And – you've guessed it – they're making a huge impact online.

Omari McQueen

Omari McQueen has a "modest" Instagram following of 28,000.

The 13-year-old is the youngest award winning vegan chef in the UK, and he was as young as seven when he started cooking.

He set up his own business at the age of eight, and now has his own range of vegan dips, Dipalicious.

This has seen him take home an incredible six figure salary already.

Omari's Youtube channel, Omari Goes Wild, works to promote vegan recipes and also teaches people about the advantages of using healthy ingredients.

Laerta Dedukaj

Laerta has an incredible 1.5million Instagram followers – and she's only 10-years-old.

She was only four when she shot to Insta fame – by this point she had already gained 40,000 followers.

According to her bio, she's based in London, and it reads: "As seen in Bazaar, Vogue, Elle etc."

Her entire profile comprises of fashion-forward outfit posts, and she also does sponsorship deals with toy and clothing brands.

PR expert Adrian thinks she could probably rake in as much as £9,000 a post.

Amelie Charlize

Ami has 366,000 followers on Instagram, and her feed is the definition of glitz and glamour.

From enviable outfit posts to fast cars to shiny holidays – she's always doing something amazing.

But, for Ami, TikTok is where it's at, as the teen has 2.1million followers and 124.3million likes on the video sharing platform.

It's thought the clips could see her take home around £12,000 per post, and she's also known to host meet and greet events.

Ethan Gamer

The young video game vlogger, from the UK, earns a million by simply playing and reviewing PlayStation and mobile phone games.

Ethan, from Cheshire, makes tons from his YouTube channel, which has over 3million followers.

He could afford to fly a private jet if he wanted to.

The 16-year-old even flogs his own "Ethan Gamer" merchandise due to his popularity, which varies from hoodies to T-shirts to beanies.

It's thought he could earn up to £18,000 for every post he creates on YouTube.

Nya Temple

Schoolgirl Nya Temple, 15, has accumulated more than 309,000 followers on TikTok, and her make-up tips and tricks are particularly popular.

Speaking to the Stoke Sentinel, she said: "Makeup companies started to get in touch and paid work started coming in.

"I was speechless, I couldn't believe what was happening."

Some of her highlights include working with Netflix and Kylie Jenner's brand Kylie Cosmetics, and the big dream is to own her own make-up brand.

Nikki Lilly

Nikki Lilly has 430,000 followers on Instagram, as well as 8.5million followers on TikTok.

She's recently turned 18 so is not officially a child star anymore, but her YouTube videos took off when she was as young as eight.

The aim of the clips is to share her experiences of living with a "visible difference."

When she was only six Nikki was diagnosed with a condition called arteriovenous malformation (AVM), and she's gone onto gain 1.2m followers on YouTube.

Now she works as a campaigner, author and TV presenter, and she's really popular for creating videos that reveal the highlights of her life.

Some of her most recent posts include attending London Fashion Week, and other red carpet events.

It's thought the clever teen could be getting paid as much as £2.5k per post on Instagram, but she could also take home more on platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.


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