Revealed: How to make the WORLD'S healthiest chocolate cake ever

The perfect Christmas treat: Chef reveals her recipe for the world’s healthiest chocolate cake – and it tastes just as good as a normal dessert

  • Chef Teresa Cutter has revealed how easy it is to make a healthy chocolate cake
  • Her simple recipe is high in anti-oxidants and is gluten, dairy and wheat-free
  • The ingredients include organic eggs, avocado oil, almond milk and maple syrup
  • The healthy icing made using blended avocados and chocolate powder

A top Australian chef has revealed her recipe for the ‘healthiest chocolate cake in the world’ – a decadent Christmas dessert that is gluten, dairy and wheat-free.

Teresa Cutter, one of the nation’s leading culinary figures, is also a nutritionist, a fitness trainer and author of the award-winning cookbook Earth To Table.

While her mission is to help people embrace a plant-based diet, she believes anyone can make a shift towards a healthier lifestyle by embracing her motto: ‘Keep it simple, keep it fresh and make it yourself’.

Her ‘one-bowl’ healthy chocolate cake is made from ingredients like organic eggs and almond flour and comes top with a deceptively delicious avocado frosting. 

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This decadent double-layered chocolate cake is made from eggs, avocado oil, almond flour and nut milk

Teresa Cutter (pictured) has just launched her latest cookbook The Healthy Chef 

Her recipe for the divine dessert is featured in her newest cookbook, the award-winning Earth To Table.

She said making isn’t just easy, the ingredients could be blended in a bowl using a hand-held mixer.

During an appearance on Sunrise, Teresa said the cake was made by first breaking four organic eggs into a bowl before adding 125mL (half a cup) of cold pressed avocado or olive oil. 

Avocado oil is readily available at all supermarkets including a cold-pressed variety by Grove.

Using a blender, scoop out the flesh from two ripe avocados. 

Add 125mL (½ cup/) pure maple syrup, 125mL (½ cup) coconut cream, two teaspoons vanilla extract, 60g (½ cup) dark cocoa powder and a generous pinch of sea salt. 

Blend until smooth and use as the frosting for the cake.

Next, add 125mL (half a cup) of almond or other nut milk and two teaspoons of vanilla extra. 

You will also need to add three teaspoons of gluten-free baking powder, 300g (three cups) almond meal and 60g (half a cup) of dark cocoa powder.

Sweeten with 125mL (half a cup) pure maple syrup and make sure to add a pinch of salt.

‘It’s a one-bowl cake, so all you need to do is mix it all up until you have a really nice smooth batter,’ Teresa said.

Teresa explained the cake was incredibly healthy because it was packed with anti-oxidants and it was also gluten-free.

The healthy cook said she is on a mission to help people embrace a move towards eating a plant-based diet

Once the mixture is stirred through, place into a round baking tin and place into an oven that has been pre-heated to 160°C (or 320°F fan-forced).

Bake for 45 minutes until cooked then remove from the oven to cool. 

Teresa’s cookbook is designed to help people move towards a plant-based diet

‘The secret to this cake is to take it out five minutes before it’s ready so it’s all fudgey and like a chocolate fondant,’ Teresa said.

To really wow, the cook said she made two cakes and used avocado frosting between them to hold the layers in place. 

While using avocado as a base for icing might seem like an unusual choice, Teresa said not only can you not taste the fruit once it is blended, it also comes with a raft of health benefits including being high in monounsaturated fats and Vitamin E.

The chef said this recipe, and others from her latest book, are all about helping people embrace a plant-based diet.

‘A plant-based diet is all about eating whole foods. It’s not about going vegan but eating lots of fruits and vegetables.’ 

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