Rescue kitten with one eye looks unrecognisable after she finds forever home

A tiny cat has found a new home after being rescued with a ruptured right eye which left her in agony.

Candy Cane was found in a lot of pain by vets who had to remove the eye to help her feel more comfortable.

Blue Cross foster carer Wendy Penfold helped the little feline recover before aiming to rebuild her confidence again.

The carer said: "When Candy came to me, she had lost her trust in humans and was very nervous.

"She would run and hide when I'd come into the room.

"But by the end of her time with me, she became more inquisitive to know what I’m doing and staying in the same area as me."

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Wendy regularly fosters pets at her home in Kent to help them on their way before finding them a permanent home.

The carer was also looking after another cat, Rita, while Candy Cane was staying with her.

She added: "I think Rita helped lure Candy forward in the pen as I would sit and stroke or play with Rita in the corridor.

"So Candy could see I was a nice person with to be around cats."

And now little Candy Cane has found a permanent family to call her own.

Wendy said: "A lovely couple in Hampshire adopted her to give her the time to see how far she can settle in a family home.

"They understand she may never be a lap cat but want to love her and let her know this is a safe place for her."

Sarah Miller, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Hertfordshire, said: "Wendy has done an amazing job for Candy Cane.

"We hope that, over time, she will build up a relationship and trust with her new owners."

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