Red Sox Troll Yankees After World Series — Even Though They Just Beat a Different Team

This rivalry runs deep.

Weeks after the Boston Red Sox knocked the New York Yankees out of the postseason, the team celebrated their World Series win against the Los Angeles Dodgers by trolling their longtime rivals.

After returning to their clubhouse the team was seen playing “New York, New York” while joyously singing along.

In addition to being one of the most widely-known songs about the metropolitan city, the Frank Sinatra classic gets played throughout Yankee Stadium following every home team win.

The song was also blasted by Yankees slugger Aaron Judge, after the Yankees won their first — and only — game against the Red Sox during the American League Division Series playoffs earlier this month.

Following the game, which the Yankees won 6-2, Judge was seen walking by through Fenway Park, carrying a boombox that was playing the tune.


The longstanding rivalry between the two teams dates back to Major League Baseball’s early days.

As one of the league’s earliest success stories, the Boston Red Sox, originally called the Boston Americans, won the first-ever World Series in 1904, and continued to dominate for over a decade.

Then, in 1919, the Red Sox made what many fans have since considered a fatal mistake, selling star pitcher Babe Ruth, nicknamed the Great Bambino, to the Yankees.

The so-called “Curse of the Bambino” plagued the Red Sox for decades, and the franchise didn’t win another World Series until 2004.

On Sunday, during Game 5 of the World Series, the Red Sox triumphed over the Dodgers, winning 5-1.

The win gave them their fourth championship title in 15 years.

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