Queen’s favourite cleaning hobby shows she’s just like one of us, source says

We all expect the Queen to be waited on hand and foot but away from prying eyes, sources say she’s just like one of us.

In years past, Her Majesty spent happy days at a five-bedroom farmhouse in Sandringham called Wood Cottage – the residence Prince Philip affectionately called ‘home’.

The remote coastal property in Norfolk is described as ‘modest by royal standards’ and while staying there, the royals were modest, too. The Queen even pulled on a pair of Marigolds!

Harry Mount, author of How England Made the English shared with The Telegraph: “A long-dead royal courtier once told me, ‘I was once at a shooting lunch. At the end of lunch, I heard someone say: I’ll do the washing-up. I turned around and there was the Queen in her yellow washing-up gloves’.”

Her Majesty has recently returned to her late husband Prince Philip’s Wood Cottage in Sandringham to mark the 70th anniversary of her father George VI’s death on February 6.

It’s the first time she’s been back to the Norfolk bolthole since Philip passed away. But it’s not the only residence in which they could let their hair down.

As it turns out, the Queen can whip up a tasty lunch and willingly rolls up her sleeves to do the washing up.

In 2005 Canadian Governor General Michaëlle Jean paid a visit to Her Majesty at Balmoral.

After the trip, the Governor General described witnessing the Royals’ relaxed, informal home life where Prince Philip was on BBQ duty and the Queen made her own salad dressing. She says the couple even washed up together.

She also revealed her journey to the cottage, chauffeured by the Queen in a brand new Range Rover!

She shared: “She drives very fast, but handles the car very well…we got a great sense of her character and her independence. It was great conversation, fun, no protocol.”

Her Majesty is bound to appreciate some quiet time at Philip’s favourite cottage as her Platinum Jubilee approaches.

It’s been an incredibly tough year for the monarch and along with the anniversary of her father’s death, next month also marks 20 years since her beloved sister Princess Margaret passed away.

Wood Cottage will be the perfect place for Her Majesty to mourn and reflect before her family arrive – they’re expected to join the Queen in Norfolk on Accession Day, February 6.

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