Queen sends heartfelt letter to woman who painted ‘pretty awful’ Prince Philip portrait

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Honor Morrison, 23, was so moved by Prince Philip’s funeral she spent four hours painting a “pretty awful” portrait of the Duke. She placed the canvas in her living room in St Albans, Hertfordshire, for the next few weeks, but soon found her work of art “creepy”.

Ms Morrison said: “His death just struck a chord with me. It was a sunny afternoon and I really fancied panting and seeing as Prince Philip was absolutely everywhere on TV, I didn’t know who else to paint.

“Not to be rude but his wrinkly face made for a great subject. I finished it in four hours and had it in the house for the next few weeks.

“It was looking a bit creepy and it was feeling like he was watching me. I didn’t want it around anymore but I didn’t want to bin it.”

Ms Morrison jokingly suggested on TikTok that she would send the portrait to Buckingham Palace if her video received more than 1,000 likes.

Her video soon went viral and has been viewed more than 150k times and has over 21k likes.

So, she sent her parcel to the Queen, along with a heartfelt letter of condolence and last week Ms Morrison received a letter in the post with a Royal Mail ER stamp on the envelope.

Overjoyed, the BBC assistant filmed herself opening the letter to find a special photo pamphlet about Prince Philip and a personalised letter sent on behalf of the Queen.

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The letter read: “The Queen wishes me to write and thank you very much for your message of sympathy and for the charming painting you sent on the death of Her Majesty’s beloved husband, The Duke of Edinburgh.

“The Queen has been deeply touched by the messages she has received from all around the world and is most grateful for your thoughtful support for Her Majesty at this time in sending her your kind present.”

Ms Morrison said that she felt “quite emotional” after receiving the personalised letter. She said: “I saw a letter had arrived from Buckingham Palace which was absolutely bonkers!

“I’m just really honoured and really grateful. It’s incredibly touching and I wasn’t expecting anything back. I thought sending a large parcel to Bucking Palace would just look a bit dodgy and it would end up being destroyed. I’m just really surprised and it’s one of those things I’ll keep forever and be sure to tell the grandkids in years to come.

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