Princess Diana didn’t see herself as ‘Queen of country’ – reason

Princess Diana’s astrological birth chart has been analysed by a celebrity astrologer, who has suggested why she felt she’d like to be a “Queen of people’s hearts” not the “Queen of the country”.

Celebrity astrologer Inbaal Honigman said: “Each person’s sun sign, which some call the star sign, is aligned with the true personality of the individual, how they appear to the world.

“Born on July 1st, 1961 at 7.45pm in Sandringham, Diana was a Cancer sun sign, which is a sign known for being loving, warm, empathic, and family-centred.

“Cancerians have a special way of relating to people, making everyone feel as if they’re part of the family, and they find it easy and natural to support others.”

The expert also discussed Diana’s astrological compatibility with her sons: “In a 2017 documentary, her adult sons Harry and William are seen talking about their late mother, mentioning how she ‘smothered’ them with love.

“This is a very Cancerian quality, ensuring that their loved ones feel adored and appreciated at all times, and are emotionally secure and supported by the family around them.

“Princess Diana once said, ‘I’d like to be a Queen of people’s hearts, in people’s hearts, but I don’t see myself being the Queen of this country.’ Her astrological chart explains exactly why she felt this way.

“Her shared star sign with her firstborn son and heir to the throne is part of her zodiacal legacy,” Inbaal added.

“Princess Diana’s firstborn son William is a Cancer, and her youngest, Harry is a Virgo.

“Diana was a Cancer herself, and sharing a star sign with her son is a very powerful connection.

“They will likely have had a way of understanding one another without having to speak a single word, because they see the world from the same perspective, and respond to life events in the same sort of way.

“Cancer is also a very empathetic sign, so the mother and son would have had an innate ability to know what the other one was thinking.”

The expert continued: “There are many other elements in a person’s zodiacal chart, for example, the moon sign, which sheds light on our inner workings.

“Diana’s moon sign is Aquarius, which is a humanitarian sign, committed to charity work and supporting those less fortunate.

“She is probably best known for her charity work around homelessness, children’s cancer, landmines and AIDS, and she tirelessly worked with dozens of additional charities over her royal career, and through raising different charity organizations’ profiles, as well as advocacy and donations, Diana touched and improved the lives of many.

“This tendency to support the welfare of others is very in keeping with her Aquarius moon.

“Diana’s Mars sign is Virgo, which means that at the time of her birth, the planet Mars which governs passion and war, was in sensible Virgo. This made her a very even-tempered person who’s not easy to anger.

“Prince Harry is a Virgo, and this creates an adorable connection between mother and son. Her Mars sign and his sun sign are the same, so they would share some qualities of being easygoing and pragmatic.

“Princess Diana’s ascendant, sometimes called the rising sign, was Sagittarius. This is a sign of travel and adventure and could be the reason behind her frequent trips around the globe.

“This Sagittarius rising, which loves bringing together different cultures and nationalities, may also explain her attraction to boyfriends from diverse backgrounds, and her extensive charity work outside of the UK,” Inbaal said speaking on behalf of

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