Prince Harry should be removed from the line of succession says expert

Removal of Prince Harry’s HRH title from the royal family website was a ‘petty’ move and Buckingham Palace should take him out of the line of succession altogether, expert tells PALACE CONFIDENTIAL

  • Duke of Sussex should be removed from line of succession said Richard Eden 
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Buckingham Palace should go further than taking away Prince Harry’s HRH title and remove him from the line of succession altogether, an expert told Palace Confidential. 

The Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden told this week’s programme that Buckingham Palace’s decision to quietly cut Prince Harry’s HRH title from his website profile page last week as a ‘petty’ and ‘trivial’ move.

‘They should be going much further,’ he told the programme. ‘What actually matters is that he’s still in the line of succession. God forbid if something was to happen to the Royal Family, he would become our king. 

‘That should end, he should be removed from the line of succession and he is still one of those counsellors of state that can stand in for the king… why not remove him?’

He added: ‘It’s ridiculous to be doing petty things to the website – deal with the big things and make the big changes that matter.’ 

Speaking on this week’s Palace Confidential, the Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden (pictured) said Prince Harry should be removed from the line of succession

Richard Eden described changes to the royal website as ‘petty’, suggesting that The Firm should ‘deal with the big things and make the big changes that matter’ when it comes to Prince Harry (pictured in Tokyo this week)

Assistant editor of the Mail on Sunday, Kate Mansey, said the changes made on the Palace’s website were a sign that ‘slowly but surely, [Harry and Meghan] aren’t going to be allowed back in’. 

Discussing the potential reaction of the Sussexes across the pond in Montecito, Kate said the pair ‘surely’ could not be surprised by the changes, and that they are not supposed to use the HRH titles in any case.

She added: ‘Harry has made quite a lot of reference to the fact that he still remains in line to the throne, so…some of that might upset him, being bumped down.’    

News also broke this week that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be producing a screen version of Carley Fortune’s novel The Meet Me At The Lake as part of their £80m deal with Netflix. The streaming giant bought the rights to the book for £3million.

Kate Mansey sounded a warning that the Sussexes might not have many chances left to become the Hollywood players they’d hope to be.

‘It does feel like last chance saloon for that Netflix deal,’ she said.

‘They’ve lost the Spotify deal and there are question marks over what their future is as media operators within Hollywood. 

The royal experts tackled a number of topics during the latest episode of Palace Confidential (pictured L-R: Richard Eden, Kate Mansey, Jo Elvin)

During the episode, Richard Eden and the Mail on Sunday’s assistant editor Kate Mansey (pictured, right) also discussed news that the Sussexes are set to produce a screen version of the novel Meet Me by the Lake by Carley Fortune’

‘I think everyone will be watching this and there’ll be a lot at stake with this project.’ 

Eden added that while initial reports had suggested that the couple themselves had bought the rights to the novel, but it has since emerged that Netflix was involved in the deal and gave the project to the Sussexes.

He added: ‘So if things don’t work out with Archewell, they can perfectly well take it back and give it to someone else, it’s no skin off Netflix’s nose.’

Continuing to speak about the Sussexes deal with the streaming giant, Richard said: ‘We’ve already had one project that was announced with great fanfare – Meghan’s animated series Pearl…but it never happened. It was quietly ditched. 

‘And I think Netflix had got this difficult game with Harry and Megan where, what they want is the personal stuff…where they’re trashing the Royal Family…That’s what Netflix really want.’

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