Prince Edward not singing national anthem looked ‘deliberate’ – claims

Royal Variety Performance: Edward watches national anthem

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Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, both 58, attended the Royal Variety Performance in November 2022 as representatives of King Charles, who had a scheduling conflict at the time. The royal couple stood for the national anthem, however, the Earl of Wessex shocked fans when he appeared to not be singing along to the words.

Sophie, on the other hand, was singing the anthem proudly, but Edward at times just seemed to be mumbling the words or not singing them at all.

The late Queen and Prince Philip had wished for Edward to inherit the Duke of Edinburgh title after their deaths, however, King Charles has not gifted this title yet.

Many assumed this was why the Earl refused to sing along to the national anthem.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to to explain what his body language was conveying in this clip.

She claimed: “Prince Edward’s choice to not sing the national anthem at the Royal Variety show looked like a very powerful and deliberate statement, but what was he trying to signal?

“Speculation ranged from a possible rift between him and King Charles to the suggestion that he might have been assuming the role of King himself, as the monarch is usually the only person to not join in the singing in public.”

However, Edward gives “clues” about what he was thinking and feeling, according to Judi.

She opined: “Edward’s body language gives some clues as to what his intention might have been. He is clearly adopting a pose of standing to attention while the anthem is sung.

“He is also doing nothing to hide his face or his facial expression, suggesting this was no form of oversight.”

But Edward was unlikely to be “angry” during the national anthem, according to the body language expert.

Judi suggested: “His eyes are looking up and his blink rate is normal, which would make it unlikely to be a gesture based on angry rebellion or refusal to honour his brother.

“His lips are closed but not clamped tight and there is the very hint of a slight, wistful smile.”

Prince Edward may have been remembering his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, during this moment, because for his entire life, the national anthem had always been directed towards her.

Now that the lyrics had changed to “God Save The King” as opposed to “The Queen”, Judi argues that this could be a reason Edward was emotional and couldn’t annunciate the words.

Judi explained: “This blend of what looks like duty, respect and affection might suggest that he was still dedicating the song and the moment to his late mother.

“There had been a very touching memorial to the Queen during the show.

“Edward might have wanted to retain the idea of dedication to her and a memorial moment to her rather than a reference to change at the top.”

But Judi claims that this is unlikely to be the case, because if so, Sophie Wessex would have joined Edward to silently reflect the Queen.

She continued: “The only question then though is why didn’t Sophie join him in his moment of silent reflection?

“Sophie’s grief was obvious during the Queen’s funeral and lying in state, but she sang the anthem in what looks like an unsynchronised moment from the couple that is usually totally in step when it comes to their body language rituals.”

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