Pricey Sleep: The 8 Most Expensive Beds Ever

The bed is the item of furniture that has accompanied man throughout Earth’s lengthy history. From thousands of years ago, when it was little more than a pile of straw or other natural materials, until the present day, the bed has been of the utmost importance to human beings. There is a bed type for every circumstance or requirement, whether in a hotel room, a battle zone, or the International Space Station.

Given that people spend one-third of their lives sleeping, the quality of their beds is crucial. While some consider a bed to be simply that – a bed – there are those who take this concept to a whole new level – with benefits that go beyond the ordinary necessities of daily living. For some individuals, a plain, comfortable mattress is insufficient, and there are beds with complete luxuries like entertainment centers, beautiful art, or extravagant fashion accessories. Should you choose to pursue such a course of action, you can rest assured that it will not come cheap. Let’s examine the top 8 most expensive beds:

8 The Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed – $50,000

Leggett & Platt takes a more sophisticated approach with a bed designed to be “the archetype of modern sleep,” combining modern technology and a comfortable bed to create the ideal sleeping experience. It features anti-snoring technology, dual-sided temperature control, and a diagnostic sleep center for monitoring body movements and breathing patterns. In addition, since connectivity is the name of the game nowadays, the bed is equipped with an iPod docking station that allows sleepers to access the Internet. In addition, there is a video projector that can change the ceiling into a starry night sky or a movie screen. This high-tech bed costs a whopping $50,000.

7 Cosmovoide Bed – $60,000


There is nothing more relaxing than a bed like a cocoon in which one feels safe, cozy, and protected. Designed in northern France, the Cosmovoide Bed mimics the structure of an egg, with a structure covered entirely by bedding that flexes and conforms to the body. The overhead LED lighting and home theater system with embedded television will provide long, languid mornings, while the telephone will keep guests at arm’s length. Depending on the amenities selected, the bed will apparently cost $60,000.

6 Majesty Vi-Spring Bed – $84,000


The Majesty Vi-Spring Bed is an enhanced version of the number 10 Monarch bed. It is handcrafted to ensure that no compromises are made in terms of comfort and craftsmanship. The ultra-comfort mattress comprises three layers of calico-pocket springs with the best British fleece wool, Shetland wool silk, cashmere, and European horsetail fillings. The bed is layered with gold and silver to create an amazing pattern, and the price reflects this. The Majesty is priced at $84,000.


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5 Quantum Sleeper Bed – $160,000


The Quantum Sleeper Bed, which is both a bed and a nuclear fallout shelter, is the one you should choose if you feel a zombie apocalypse is imminent. The bed will not shield you from a nuclear explosion and subsequent radioactive fallout, but it will protect you from natural disasters, biochemical terrorist assaults, intruders, and even gunshots. The Quantum Sleeper is the ultimate survival bed, as it has a refrigerator, a microwave, and television, as well as a toiletry system, backup power, an emergency communication system, filtered airflow, and a rebreather. Add smoke and motion detectors and complete home management, and you may confidently assert that you feel safest at home. Those feeling sufficiently paranoid about purchasing this bed would need to fork over a staggering $160,000.

4 Parnian Furniture Bed – $210,000


The Parnian Furniture Bed was created by Abdolhay Parnian as more of a work of art than a plain bed. It was meticulously made with great attention to detail. Combining wood with stainless and gold, the design introduces a sculptural aspect to the bedroom. The designer allowed numerous modification choices, including iPad holders, charging stations, pop-up televisions or LCD monitors, secret compartments, and unique beds, among others. This bed may cost as much as a staggering $210,000.

3 Jado Steel Style Gold Bed – $676,550


Made with the intention of striking out, the Jado Steel Design Gold Bed formerly held the title of the most costly bed in the world due to its unique design. Although it lost the tournament, it remains in the top three. Internet connectivity, a television screen with a DVD player, a Playstation, and a surround sound system are the features in question. Nothing special, correct? Adding the absurd amount of gold and Swarovski crystals justifies the asking price of $676,550.


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2 Magnetic Floating Bed – $1.6 Million


Some designers talk to their customers in terms of richness and fine details, while others tell tales of simplicity and advanced technology. The Magnetic Floating Bed is a revolutionary method for sleeping since it floats above the ground using a magnetic field. The bed can sustain up to 900 kilos, but because of the massive magnets it requires, it weighs approximately 680 kilograms. However, this is not an issue if you consider that the room should not contain any metallic objects. If you desire to literally float in your sleep, you should be prepared to pay a stunning $1.6 million.

1 Baldacchino Supreme Bed – $6.3 million


The Baldacchino Supreme Bed, which was designed by Stuart Hughes, is a beautiful work of art. This bed’s inside is composed of 24 karat gold and weighs more than 90 kilograms, and its frame is crafted from Ash, Cherry, and Classy Canopy wood. There are merely two of them available around the world, and each is priced at a staggering $6.3 million, making it appear more like an untouchable work of art than a bed.


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