Police Officers Hop Into Ocean to Save Drowning Kangaroo in Australia

A kangaroo in Rosebud, Australia, tried its paw at being a mermaid on Saturday. Unfortunately, the new lifestyle did not agree with the marsupial.

According to BBC News, the kangaroo hopped into the sea off Safety Beach twice, each time requiring assistance to get out. The first time an animal-loving onlooker, Mia Grant, helped to pull the animal out. After this rescue, Grant called the police for help getting experts to find care for the kangaroo.

Right around the time the authorities arrived, the kangaroo got scared and jumped off into the ocean once more. This time, sergeants Christopher Russo and Kirby Tonkin chased after the animal and pulled the poor, struggling creature to safety.

“He had less than a minute … he went under and as he came up you could see foam coming out of his nose. He was drowning,” Sgt. Russo told the BBC.

On the shore, sergeants cleared the unconscious kangaroo’s lungs of water and made sure the marsupial was breathing properly, reports News 7.

Animalia Wildlife Shelter picked up the kangaroo, who is lucky to be alive, from the police and is caring for the creature until the kangaroo regains its strength.

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