Playbuzz quiz tests your knowledge to its limits

Tricky quiz will test your knowledge of everything from ancient history to classic rock… so do YOU have what it takes to score full marks?

  • A Playbuzz quiz master has challenged the internet with a tricky knowledge test
  • The quiz tests its players on 10 questions about geography, history and religion
  • It might seem straightforward at first, but it’s tough to get full marks  

From ancient history to classic rock, this general knowledge quiz will test your understanding of a wide range of topics.

The online test was created by Playbuzz author Cody Cross, who claims only those with impressive general knowledge will score full marks.

An understanding of geography, pets and the bible are all needed in order to score full marks on the short multiple choice test.  

So if you think you have what it takes then scroll down to take the test in full. But the answers are at the bottom – so no cheating!  

From ancient history to classic rock, this general knowledge quiz promises to leave players stumped. Stock image

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1. The Egyptians 

2.  10-14 years

3. Rolling Stones

4. The belief that American settlers were meant to span across the continent

5. Britannia 

6. Brasilia

7. Colony

8. Joseph

9. The bombing of Pearl Harbour

10. Ming dynasty  

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