Playboy model fuming after pals leave her drenched with theme park ‘prank’

A Playboy model was left drenched from head to toe after being "pranked" by pals who had her standing in the splash zone of a theme park.

Francia James often goes viral with her skimpy outfits in public – like just wearing body paint to a shopping centre.

But now, the 33-year-old OnlyFans star from Florida, US, has become the one getting pranked in her latest comedic clip on social media.

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The Colombian-born model, who featured in Playboy back in 2018, was visiting a theme park with pals when they stopped for a chat beside one of the rides.

Francia was seen sipping from a plastic cup with a straw as the log flume crashed into the water behind her, sending a huge wave of water crashing over the side.

She was left drenched from head-to-toe after her pals had managed to get her standing directly in the splash zone.

Francia gasped after being hit by the cold water and said: "Oh my god! What the heck!"

The clip has since been posted to her TikTok account, gaining more than 1,100 likes, where she claimed it was a prank.

In the caption, she wrote: "I can’t believe they pranked me!", adding in the title: "They pranked me bad."

Viewers have since taken to the comments in hysterics over the video, which was posted online with the viral "oh no" sound.

One user said: "I’m sorry that was pretty funny."

Another commented: "Splish splash."

A third wrote: "The audio was perfect."

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However, others took to the comments declaring how 'beautiful' she looks in her black playsuit.

A user penned: "You are so beautiful."

A second added: "You're Simply Irresistible."

"My dream in life is to communicate with you," a lovestruck bloke wrote.

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