Piers Morgan mocks Dick Van Dyke on Twitter and the ‘Mary Poppins’ star isn’t having it

Another day, another chance for Piers Morgan to be a celebrity antagonist. 

Last month he was embroiled in a Twitter battle with Ariana Grande and her mom after he accused the all-female group Little Mix of ripping inspiration for a photo from the Dixie Chicks. The month prior to that, he mocked Daniel Craig for using a baby carrier, leading to massive backlash.

His new target is Dick Van Dyke. Saturday, the “Good Morning Britain” host, 53, used the actor’s name to make a joke about the quest for political correctness.

“Imagine being called Dick Van Dyke in this PC-crazed era?” Morgan quipped to his nearly 6.5 million Twitter followers. “Poor guy. He’ll have to change his name to Richard Van Non-Binary-Gender-Fluid.”

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