Picnics, and how our love of food has sustained us through lockdowns

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Across the eastern seaboard, picnics are the new dinner parties as eased COVID-19 restrictions allow small groups of people to gather outside.

In Melbourne and Sydney up to five adults can have picnics with their dependants if they are fully vaccinated.

It’s been a long, tough winter for millions of Australians subjected to extended stay-at-home rules, so as the warmer months approach we are taking full advantage of our newfound freedoms.

How can you get the most out of your picnic? And how has our love of food sustained us through the extended lockdowns of the past 18 months?

Today on Please Explain, Good Food reporter Emma Breheny joins Bianca Hall to talk about picnic season, and some of the recipes that have been most popular with readers in the past few months.

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