Photos capture hotels surprising guests with their creativity

From ‘spouse disposal units’ to hilarious children’s menus, these amusing snaps capture the ways in which hotels have shocked guests with their creativity

  • Pictures from around the globe capture moments hotels surprised their guests  
  • One of the quirky hotels offers guests the chance to borrow a plant for the night
  • Another gives guests their very on smart phones to use during their stay    

Whether your other half is irritating you on holiday, you’ve forgotten to update your phone plan abroad or you’re simply lonely during your travels, these hotels have come up with genius ways to accommodate every guest. 

From free ‘Travel Buddy’ Android smart phones for guests to borrow to a ‘spouse disposal unit’ – whatever problem you may face on your trip away, they can be solved by these creative hotel solutions.  

Here, FEMAIL picks out the best examples collated in an amusing picture gallery by BoredPanda and sent in from people across the globe.

The Le Méridien Kochi in India has this brilliant method of informing guests what the whether will be like – all with the appearance of a coconut

This hilarious US hotel menu gives sulking kids the options of ‘I don’t know,’ ‘I don’t care,’ or ‘i’m not hungry,’ which translate to dishes such as fried chicken,  macaroni cheese or burger and chips 

We’ve all been guilty of stealing hotel toiletries but this tongue-in-cheek bottle means visitora can feel a lot less guilty about their theft 

This establishment offers signs which suggests guests are too busy ‘building a flux capacitor’ to open to the door

Say goodbye to holiday arguments with this hilarious ‘spouse disposal unit’ for those occasions when spending time with the other half is becoming too much 

 This hotel ensures guests will never again wake up with make-up stained towels as they’ve provided a specific towel designed to remove beauty products 

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The Malmaison hotel in Oxford gives guests a unique experience in this converted former prison where all the rooms were once an average cell

The hotel Odessa in Ukraine somehow manages to change its carpet every single day to show the day of the week 

Instead of binning your used holiday books, this hotel gives guests the chance to donate them to others using the ‘take a book leave a book’ shelf 

Guests need never be lonely in this Polish hotel as it offers guests the chance to take a plant back to brighten up their room if they’re spending the night alone 

This shower has a specially designed window cut out so guests can ensure the water is the perfect temperature before getting in 

This hotel quirk means guests never have to worry about roaming charges again as they’ve provided free ‘Travel Buddy’ smart phones for guests to enjoy during their stay 

Say goodbye to plastic with this clever straw alternative made entirely with lemon grass, meaning guests can enjoy a guilt-free cocktail during their stay 

Guests of St. Ermin’s Hotel in central London will be buzzing when they discover the roof is home to 350,000 good-tempered bees, which can be viewed making honey safely from behind glass 

This hilarious maid poked fun at one guest reading erotic novel ’50 Shades of Grey’ by erecting a very ill-mannered towel sculpture 

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