Photographer sets up blind date photoshoot and the pictures show real chemistry

A blind date can be nerve wracking enough, so how would you feel if every step of it was being snapped by a professional photographer?

Keen to create a fun shoot, Indiana-based photographer Lindsey McCaffry, from McCaffry Photography LLC, put a call out for strangers who wanted to be matched together.

She was inundated with applications and spent time going through each one to find some that might work together.

All the applicants were told was they would have to pose with a motorcycle and get soaking wet in the creek.

Lindsey selected Karmon Waite, 32, and Daniel Allen for the shoot and told them both to meet on 26 June – which happened to be Daniel’s 27th birthday.

They were blindfolded and brought together by Lindsey and her team before being told to remove their blindfolds.

Lindsey took pictures of every moment, including getting them frolicking over the motorcycle and wadding through the creek, as promised.

Despite the pair never having met, the pictures ooze chemistry and Lindsey was inundated with comments from people wanting to know what happened next.

The couple did swap numbers and have had a few texts but the date was just over a week ago and it’s still early days.

Posting the next day, Lindsey said: ‘They did NOT disappoint. Holy smokes, they brought the FIREEEEE!!!

‘Those of you wondering, they did exchange numbers at the end.

‘I felt like I was watching a “real life movie” with those insanely passionate kisses.

‘A huge thank you to these two for being so brave. You stepped way outside your comfort zone last night and trusted us completely. We can’t thank you enough!!! No matter the outcome we all had a blast and made new friends. A night we will never forget.’

One person said: ‘This is like an engagement shoot!’

Another added: ‘I showed my husband, asked him how long he thought they’d been married. He guessed 10 years. I showed him some of the kissing ones. He said ummm maybe 3 years. I said less. He kept going lower. Was surprised they weren’t together.’

Lindsey has another blind date shoot lined up but sadly the man dropped out and she’s now looking for someone else so hopefully her matchmaking skills are just as good for the next one.

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