Pet owners share their cat snaps in Twitter cuteness contest

Simply a-PAW-able! Proud cat owners melt hearts with seriously cute snaps in a Twitter contest to find the most photogenic felines

  • Twitter user @DonutOperator from the US suggested a ‘cat cuteness contest’
  • Followers were quick to respond with adorable pictures of their feline friends
  • Users from around the world shared their favourite snaps of their sweet pets 

Pet owners from around the world have been sharing snaps of their adorable pets online. 

US-based Twitter user @DonutOperator recieved a flurry of responses after he declared an impromptu ‘cat cuteness contest’ and shared a picture of his own photogenic feline. 

Users from around the world were quick to join in, eager to share their favourite snaps with their sweet pets.

The very best – including one of a kitten curled up asleep on a bed – were collated in a gallery by BoredPanda.  

Here, we share some of our favourites…  

‘A box for idiot cats who are orange’: One cat, whose location is unknown, hopped into a cardboard box to relax – not realising that he became the butt of a joke 

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Peekaboo! Another catlover from England shared his Siamese kitten tucked away as it hid inside a box 

Handy around the house! Another tiny kitten attempted to help it’s owner in Oakland as he fixed his bicycle spokes 

Cuddle time! Two adorable kittens cuddle up to one another as their owner, whose location is unknown, manages to grab a candid picture 

Sleepy kitty: One pet owner from Denmark shared a snap of his adorable kitten curled up in a ball looking cosy 

Take me for a drive! One cute kitten from Florida appeared desperate for a ride as he rested underneath a toy car

I’m tired! One Twitter user from Las Vegas couldn’t help but snap a picture of their kitten looking adorable as it took a nap 

Not my finest angle! Another cat from North Carolina appeared unimpressed with it’s owner snapping the picture 

One Twitter user from Kansas City shared this adorable snap with his cat as he rested in front of the television 

Another user from America couldn’t help but show off his two adorable tiny kittens as they played with one another 

Hide and seek! Another user, from the Middle East, shared this snap of their kitten hiding inside a plastic bag 

Grumpy cat! One Twitter user from South-End on Sea couldn’t help their adorable kitten with a rather grumpy expression 

‘The Force will be with you. Always’: One fluffy friend, whose location is unknown, appeared prepared to defend the galaxy with its lightsaber

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