People realise they’ve been spreading butter ‘wrong’ – and they’re fuming

We've all had a problem when we've been spreading an individual portion of butter at some point in our lives.

Either it's been chilled in the fridge for so long that it's become pretty unspreadable or you struggle to spread it evenly enough to cover your bread to the edges.

But it turns out we've all been getting it wrong as a bloke shared a game-changing hack on social media that helps makes it easier.

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In the video, which has gained more than 63,000 likes, the lad was seen poking holes in the packet with a fork.

His girlfriend, who posted the clip under the username @amysharp91, filmed him squeezing out the pantry staple ingredient over his toast.

It came out in strings as the couple declared: "You've been spreading butter wrong your whole life."

TikTok viewers were left fuming at themselves for never knowing the hack as they took to the comments to give their opinions.

One user wrote: "I would definitely do that."

Another commented: "Are you butter shaming me?"

A third quipped: "Yeah because the normal way is so difficult, isnt it?"

"Only need to do this when it’s rock-hard butter," a fourth added.

However, some people claimed to have tried the hack and had some difficulty with it.

A user said: "I tried this at the hotel but it just exploded everywhere."

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A second penned: "Tried this and it spread everywhere except the damn fork holes."

The news comes after a woman revealed a super simple food trick to making butter as soft as possible – and what you need to pull it off will surprise you.

The clever mum, known as Mom Life With Laura on TikTok, shared a video of herself demonstrating the simple trick on the social media platform.

She said she came across the hack somewhere, and simply had to try it out.


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