People are slamming Mr Kipling for DOUBLING the plastic on cake bars

Exceedingly outdated packaging! Mr Kipling comes under fire for wrapping cake bars INDIVIDUALLY in plastic to better ‘preserve freshness’

  • Mr Kipling customers in uproar over the excessive amounts of plastic packaging
  • Every two cake slices comes in a plastic tray covered with single use plastic 
  • The brand previously had cakes packaged in just one plastic tray 
  • However, Mr Kipling insists 70 per cent of its packaging can be recycled 

Mr Kipling has sparked uproar among customers because of its excessive use of plastic. 

Buyers have noticed the brand appears to have increased single-use plastic packaging despite many companies making an effort to be more eco-friendly.

Currently, each individual lemon slice in a pack of eight cake bars comes is an individual plastic tray, covered with single-use plastic film on top.

While a pack of six has every two slices placed on a tray and covered in a clear film. 

However, the company previously used just one plastic tray and one single piece of film around it for all of its cakes, which come in a cardboard outer case.

Mr Kipling has come under fire from customers for using more plastic packaging to individually wrap their sweet treats

One disgruntled customer took to Twitter to share their upset over the excessive use of plastic, especially as the brand used to only use one tray of plastic, a sheet of fine plastic to cover and a cardboard box

One disgruntled buyer tweeted their upset, which has since prompted similar reactions on Twitter. 

She vented: ‘@mrkiplingcakes WTAF? Half the cardboard, twice the plastic now??? Behind the curve much? #exceedinglybaddecision.’ 

Mr Kipling were quick to defend their packaging, and insisted 70 per cent of the materials they use in packaging can be recycled. 

The brand replied: ‘We pack the product in a way which delivers it in a convenient way and maintains freshness, whilst striving to use the minimum amount of packaging necessary to achieve this. 

’70 per cent of our plastic is now recyclable, but we always look to improve on this.’

Even the six-pack of sweet treats includes more packaging, with a plastic tray, and film covering the baked goods

The dissatisfied customer continued to argue her point, and replied: ‘But that seems disingenuous when you used to pack your cake bars in one plastic tray with much less packaging than you’re using now – recyclable or not. And it was obvious convenient and fresh then otherwise you wouldn’t have been doing it.’

The company revealed they introduced the Snack Pack, which allows customers to take two slithers of their favourite baked goods with them on the go. 

They went on: ‘We have introduced the Snack Pack format that gives consumers the option to take a single slice on the move. To create this format, requires more packaging than the existing product format.’

But the answer was unsatisfactory: ‘Yes I understand the idea – but why? When plastic is a massive issue now. People can live without taking a single slice with them – or wrap it up in their lunchbox like a normal person. They literally don’t need your added pollutants that are SO out of step with current CSR.’

Mr Kipling responded to the social media users tweet, and insisted they have changed the outer design to make their products easier to consume for the hungry buyer

The thread has attracted a lot of attention from other customers who are equally as disappointed by the change. 

A separate social media user, Steven Renwick, commented: ‘I think given the stigma around single use plastic now, I would be too embarrassed to open that and eat it in public.’

Another wrote: ‘Why on earth are you introducing MORE plastic packaging when so many other brands are aiming to get rid?!! Madness. Off my shopping list for good now. Bad move.’

A fourth vented: ‘#MrKipling do you really need to package each Angel Slice cake in bombproof plastic? There must be an ocean friendly alternative packaging material you can use instead! #plasticpollution.’ 

Other social media users revealed they have stopped buying the brand’s treats because of the packaging. 

A separate social media user has revealed she has stopped buying Mr Kipling treats in favour of products with less plastic packaging 

A separate customer previously tweeted: ‘Today’s tea at three in the workplace. Mr Kipling does exceedingly good cakes but each one is shrouded in plastic. No thanks. I’ve had my tea. #WarOnPlastic.’

‘An example of companies saying it’s cos customers want it. Do you? I don’t. Mr Kipling cakes are, IMO, way too over packaged. Why don’t you let them know what you think? Personally I shan’t be buying Mr K cakes until they do something about this’, added another. 

One more tweeted: ‘Totally agree. We actually stopped buying Mr Kipling for our office for this very reason. We’ve gone with the Sainsbury’s brand (which is the delivery service we use) due to the packaging. We’ve also been buying either whole cakes (hooray!) or tubs.’ 

While other Twitter users have encouraged Mr Kipling to find an alternative method to its packaging such as resealable boxes to ensure the products stay fresh without using too much plastic 

The current packages cannot be resealed, which means for every slither of cake eaten is additional plastic waste 

Slamming the brand’s change, another wrote: ‘Mr Kipling’s cakes. In plastic. Inside a cardboard box. On a plastic tray… Why?’ raged another. 

While others think the label should rethink their packaging and offer a resealable option. 

One suggested: ‘Mr. Kipling need to sort this packaging on cakes out. Nobody eats a whole box in one sitting so make packaging that’s actually resealable.’ 

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