People are only just realising why men touch their crotch so much

It isn't uncommon to see a man touching their crotch – let's be honest.

Are they horny? Itchy? Or uncomfortable, perhaps? Package grabbing is quite frankly a wonder of the world.

But enough guessing as some experts finally revealed why blokes touch around the nether regions… so much.

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And, there is actually more than one reason as to why men like to grab themselves without a care to spare.

Integrative psychotherapist Jo Ryder explained that it is partly to do with a 'tribe' mentality so men feel like they 'belong' if they participate in a good ole crotch self-fondle.

Speaking to VICE, the expert said: “I would say that belonging is an important part of wellbeing. And that the guys that do feel they belong to a tribe of people who display this behaviour.

"The penis is a strong symbol of masculinity, and all men want that department to be working well. That's the message.

"The people who come to see me, they are full of anxiety. Putting your hand on your penis is cocky, [it] shows confidence in one's masculinity."

Displaying some sort of confidence to one side as a bloke touching is package allegedly relieves 'anxiety'.

Apparently, there is some scientific evidence behind it too.

Dr Andras Kolto, a senior postdoctoral researcher at NUI Galway, said that it's to do with oxytocin, which is commonly thought as the 'love hormone'.

He explained that 'low-intensity' touches to the area release oxytocin in the brain which can help regulate mood.

“It has many beneficial effects on our health and well-being. For instance, it reduces anxiety", Dr Andras Kolto voiced.

Despite the area having a 'sexual overtone', grabbing your crotch is not necessarily for naughty reasons.

The expert continued: “Given that it concerns their genitals, it does have a sexual overtone – but the aim of the behaviour, on the conscious level, is not related to erotic stimulation.

"It rather seems to be a quick check that your ‘treasures’ are not stolen –or they might be itchy.”

However, a lad's love of grabbing his own goods might not be just to do with a scratch or a speedy search party for his bits.

Dr Kolto explained that it could also be 'toxic masculinity' as men have a fondle due to being 'insecure'.

“Some men, especially those who are insecure about their masculinity, or those who feel under pressure by unrealistic expectations about how you should behave to be seen as sufficiently manly, might experience terrible anxiety", he noted.

To help with some of crotch caressing phenomenon research a lad named 'Joe' shared his reason as to why he touches his bits.

He claimed that he sees his cheeky grab as a 'comfort blanket'.

Well, the more you know!


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