Penis-shaped slippers promise to keep Brits ‘willy warm’ this winter

Plenty of phallic products have hit the market this year.

Willy-shaped pillows and hot tubs for your testicles are among the quirky items to hit stores.

And now, todger-inspired footwear is available to purchase online.

Pierre the Penis Slippers are an adorable, but slightly bizarre, way to keep your feet warm around the house.

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The schlong-shaped shoes are being sold by Firefox for £24.99.

As size matters, they come in an array of different fits.

And while they’re slightly pricier than your average pair of slippers, the retailer insists its worth it for the “most hilarious slippers in the entire world”.

The novelty footwear is made from super soft and cosy material, so it’s bound to be a winner for Brits during winter.

The product description adds: “Super plush, these soft penises may not be stylish but they’ll keep your feet willy warm and provide endless opportunity for slipper-related banter.

“Don’t laugh, they look better than those granddad-style tartan moccasins you used to schlep about the house in.

“In fact, your feet will be so warm that you won’t have to press them up against your partner in bed and freeze their limbs to death with your chilly extremities in an attempt to thaw them.”

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When Firefox unveiled its Pierre the Penis slippers on Twitter, customers were pretty excited.

One shopper joked: “Wow, they’re big! Where do I click buy now?”

Another said: “That’s Christmas sorted.”

A third added: “I need to add these to my Pierre collection.”

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