Paulina Porizkova, 57, slams critics of her ‘barely-clothed’ lingerie pic: ‘Sad’

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Paulina Porizkova is clapping back at “thoughtful readers’ comments” after trolls slammed her latest lingerie photo on Instagram.

The 57-year-old posted a roundup of criticism on Tuesday in reaction to a snap she shared one day prior in lingerie, boots and a knit sweater.

Some of the model’s followers accused her of being “hung up on age” and “too obsessed” with her looks in the comments, with one social media user telling her to “sit down.”

Another wrote, “You seem to keep feeling the need to prove something.”

Porizkova defended her “barely-clothed” picture in the caption, writing that older women are “still sexy and viable, and certainly not invisible.”

While the actress agreed “in part” that her sexy shot promoted “the objectification of women” and gave her “validation,” she slammed those who argued she doesn’t “represent women [her] age.”

Porizkova wrote, “Because I’m tall and slim … I don’t look like a typical woman my age?
… Don’t we all look different and isn’t that where our beauty lies? In our uniqueness?

“What is truly sad here are the obvious insecurities of women who cannot find space to love themselves for who they are,” she continued. “For what their bodies can do. For what they can feel.”

Porizkova often shows off her fit frame on social media, from nude and topless snaps to lingerie and bikini photos, and previously spoke about the criticism her sultry snaps often receive in an exclusive interview with Page Six Style.

“It’s not the men that are the worst critics, which is really interesting,” she told us in 2021. “[It’s] all the women my age going, ‘You’re desperate, you’re hungry, why don’t you just retire and take care of your children and your household?’”

Added Porizkova, “I think we’ve made enormous strides in accepting all different sorts of beauty; I think size and color and all of these things that used to be so uniform now have broadened to a pretty spectacular [degree]. But age, ageism, that’s kind of like the last frontier.”

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The model — who memorably posed “full-frontal nude” for an unretouched Vogue Czechoslovakia cover in 2021 — also pointed out that haters can simply opt out of viewing her Instagram content instead of leaving hateful comments.

“It’s one little button that says ‘unfollow,’” she quipped at the time. “Bye!”

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