Paris Jackson Slams Report That Family Members Are Worried She Will Die Of A Drug Overdose

The daughter of Michael Jackson has been in the tabloid crosshairs lately.

Paris Jackson is firing back against reports that she has fallen into drug abuse and that members of her family are worried that she could suffer an overdose. The daughter of pop star Michael Jackson took to Twitter this week to slam what she saw as disgusting and baseless rumors. “Not one word in it is true,” she wrote. “First of all i was just with my family for the holiday and everything was so amazing.”

The rumors claimed that Paris Jackson’s relationship with bandmate Gabriel Glenn could be leading her down a wrong path, but Paris slammed this report as well, while adding that she believes “marijuana is legal and very good for you.” “I’m traveling and working constantly and i’m very happy. that article was just heartbreaking, i’m sick of bulls**t like this spreading like wildfire,” she added.

Paris Jackson has become a popular target for tabloids, which now cover everything from her love life to her new tattoos. One report from October claimed that Paris and Soundflowers bandmate Gabriel Glenn were considering marriage. The Radar Online report said that Paris is deeply in love with Glenn and had already told some family members that they were planning to get hitched. The report claimed that some members of the Jackson family had reservations and wanted her to sign a pre-nup that would not leave the family fortune at risk.

This week’s story is also not the first time that Paris Jackson has been in the crosshairs of tabloid reports about her health and alleged drug use. Earlier this summer, after actress and pop singer Demi Lovato suffered an overdose and then went off to rehab, there were reports claiming that Jackson herself was planning a trip to a rehab facility.

The story also came from Radar Online, which claimed that Lovato’s overdose was a wakeup call for Jackson and inspired her to seek help for herself. “Demi almost died, and that was a big trigger for Paris to get healthy,” an unnamed source told the outlet. “She was concerned about Demi, and in shock when she heard the news. She feels her problem could get bigger if not dealt with appropriately.”

Like she did this week, Paris Jackson took to social media to slam the report. In her Instagram Story, Paris claimed that “someone doesn’t have to almost die for me to know to be healthy, I’ve already had friends OD and die. That’s enough for me.”

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