Page 3 girls’ family reactions to sexy snaps – including nan who keeps clippings

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Page 3 girls opened up about what their families think of their careers.

During our Facebook Live Hot Topics panel this week, Daisy, Jess and Ruby spoke candidly about working as glamour models.

While the Daily Star regulars admit they can be unfairly judged by strangers, their nearest and dearest are supportive of their careers.

The models are shrewd women who run their own businesses and have built their own personal brands, which has given them independence.

Their loved ones are proud of what they’ve achieved – and family members like mums and nans have often been their biggest “cheerleaders”.

Daisy said: “My family are very supportive and my nan buys all the papers that I’m in.”

The former cabin crew member added: “She says she keeps battling with her husband because when she changes the guinea pigs hutches outside he brings her the newspaper and she screams ‘not that one – she’s in it!’

“So yeah, very supportive family.”

Meanwhile, Ruby said her mum was actually the one who got her into Page 3.

She said: “My dad used to be a stripper and my mum was actually the reason I got into glamour.

“She was like ‘you need to take this opportunity – do it’.”

Ruby, a fashion ambassador who boasts 130,000 followers on her @alexasinghhh Instagram page, added: “My mum and dad are so supportive.

“Obviously my dad’s not jumping for joy that I chose to be a glamour model, but I’m really open and my mum loves it.

“She’s my little cheerleader – I’m really grateful.”

Jess, who runs a successful YouTube channel, is also glad her family are supportive of her career.

She says juggling careers as an influencer and Page 3 girl has helped to give her independence.

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Jess added: “My parents don’t really care – and when I say they don’t care, I mean they support me.

“I don’t ask them for anything and I never have.

“I think they’d rather I did glamour than be on their case asking for me to lend them money and stuff.”

For more juicy behind the scenes information from our Page 3 girls, you can catch up on all the action from our Facebook Live panel here.

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