Our neighbours are millionaires but roads have potholes & pavements are crumbling – I can’t walk my daughter to school

A MUM has blasted developers for failing to finish dangerous potholes and crumbling pavements which mean she can't walk her daughter to school.

Barbara Iyen-Omofoman said that the paths in Wollaton, Nottingham, are in a "dreadful state" despite having neighbours who are millionaires.

The academic GP, who lectures at the University of Nottingham, says that she has tripped up on the unfinished roads and is just one of many angry homeowners fed up with the situation in Martin's Reach.

The exasperated mum-of-three moved into the area nearly two years ago said: “Little or no work is being done to the roads and paths. They are dangerous and  it is very frustrating.

“The house is fine apart from a few snagging problems which have been sorted out but the roads and pavements are in a dreadful state, such a bad state and nothing is being done after nearly two years.”

And Barbara said that she made the decision to no longer walk her seven-year-old daughter to and from school for fear of her harming herself.

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She says the 15-minute walk, going through the new build estate was too dangerous because she keeps tripping over pot holes and uneven kerbs.

Barbara told how other residents  who use wheelchairs and push prams have been affected by the paths.

She said: "It's ridiculous that we can't even walk to school. The problem is the developer sells the houses as quickly as possible but has ignored all the outdoor maintenance. It’s quite appalling after we spent so much on our properties.

“We’ve tried to get in touch with the developer but they say it is their fault but the management company’s. It’s always excuses.

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“There’s loads of surplus sand and soil in the area. Rita pity because our house is beautiful and in the best spot!”

She added: “Friends have bought new houses for less on better looking and better maintained estates.”

And another mum spoke about how her baby daughter nearly fell out of her push chair because of the pot-holed street.

Rachel Hopkins, 36, told of yesterday’s near accident when her buggy wheel got wedged between a high unfinished kerb and the road – nearly sending it flying.

Describing the horror to The Sun Online she said: ”It was scary and if I hadn’t strapped my baby in properly she would have fallen out face first onto the street.

“The roads and pavements are so bad. The kerb is too high and the gaps haven’t been filled in.

“They’re too dangerous. The pot holes are getting worse and worse with the wet weather and are terrible for push chairs and prams.

“You complain to the developer but get no response or feedback. It’s been like that from the start and it is infuriating.”

Rachel’s family was one of the first to live into the estate when her three-bed home was surrounded by cranes blocking her drive.

She recalled: “You expect a few problems at the start but not three years down the line. We have a residents WhatsApp group and we’re all grumbling about the state of the roads and nothing being done.

“The same developer is building a new estate and doesn’t seem to care about the problems here. Someone will get hurt one day.”

Avant Homes is currently building a second scheme in the area known as Woodyard Park.

A spokesperson for the developer reportedly said: “We are currently in discussions with our contractors to progress the remaining works at our Martin’s Reach development.

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"These include the allotments, resurfacing of roads and pavements, and footpath surfacing in the play park.

"These final works are due to commence in the coming weeks and will be completed in accordance with the obligations outlined in the approved planning permission.”

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