Only people with high IQs can spot sad panda within 10 seconds in illusion

This optical illusion will seriously test your patience.

But it could also determine your IQ score, that's if you manage it in quick time.

In the image, people must find the sad panda among the group of black and white mammals.

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The illusion has been designed for both adults and children as a tricky brainteaser.

So if you think you've got what it takes, come on and have a go!

For starters, you'll see a group of black and white pandas in the image.

But somewhere there's a sad panda within the group and you'll have to find it in 10 seconds.

Don't forget to let us know how you get on in the comments section below…

The tricky part of the optical illusion is to spot the hidden sad panda inside the group of happy ones.

It's left thousands of adults scratching their heads as they try to spot the animal in quick time.

This illusion is a fun way to test your IQ, but it's always worth doing an actual quiz to know your true score.

Scroll down for the answer…

Struggling to find the panda? Try looking towards the bottom left side of the image.

You'll see the animal with a different expression from the others.

The odd panda has sad eyes and a down face.

If you managed to find it in 10 seconds, it could be a sign of extraordinary intelligence.

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