One company creates a charcoal SHEET MASK for the vulva

Skincare for down there! Beauty brand launches a charcoal sheet mask for the VULVA – promising the product will help to ‘soothe, detoxify, brighten and moisturize’ the intimate area

  • Two L(i)ps unveiled a charcoal sheet mask ($20) to be placed on the vulva 
  • The sheet mask called Blackout claims to soothe, detoxify and hydrate the area
  • Reviewers online raved about the mask and said it helped their skin
  • Intimate skincare has boomed in recent years with products claiming to help the vulva and vagina for a number of issues
  • But gynecologists warn about using specific products as the ingredients could cause more harm than good for the vagina’s surface and natural pH 

The skincare industry has boomed in the the last decade with promises to develop products targeting wrinkles, pigment issues or acne concerning consumers. 

Growth in the facial skincare industry has also inspired companies to develop intimate products for women when treating their genital region. One company, Two L(i)ps, unveiled its own charcoal sheet mask for the vulva. 

The sheet mask called Blackout ($20) claims to be ‘the world’s first vulva mask’ and promises sooth, detoxify and hydrate the area. 

Interesting: Company Two L(i)ps unveiled a charcoal sheet mask ($20) to be placed on the vulva and help with detoxifying the area (stock photo)

‘Blackout’s 4-step process soothes, detoxifies, brightens and moisturizes the vulva with the help of infrared activated charcoal to boost lymphatic drainage to rejuvenate the skin,’ the product claims on the company’s website. 

It is advised by the company to wear the sheet mask for 15 minutes to achieve the full effects of the product. 

Reviewers online commended the product by writing, ‘I found that it was really soothing and calmed my skin.’ 

People found the charcoal mask helped after hair removal to moisturize the skin while it recovered. 

Necessary? The product (pictured) is a mask to be placed on the vulva for 15 minutes for optimal results 

Another commenter wrote: Bizarre, peculiar… I guess that’s the feeling of the “first times” of your life! When my friend told me about a new mask for the vulva, I LOL’ed! But we decided to try it.’

The review went on where the person admitted to being impressed by the product and the results it showed. 

According to Two L(i)ps, women can use the product five days in a row if they want to achieve the best results. The sheet mask is designed with wings on either side to help the mask rest on the region. 

The product is also decorated with a black-and-white lace pattern on the outside. 

‘As women, we spend so much time focusing on the face and general body parts. I think attitudes are definitely shifting south of the border,’ Two L(i)ps founder Cynthia Chua told The Sun previously about the product.

She continued: ‘It’s high time we shift the focus towards better quality maintenance of the vagina — in particular, the vulva.’

Intimate skincare products has been a topic of debate between both consumers and gynecologists to determine if any of the beauty items are actually necessary in one’s routine. 

In an previous interview with, board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Omnia Samra-Latif Estafan explained her thoughts on vaginal skincare. 

‘In a perfect world the vagina is a self-regulating system,’ Dr. Latif said said at the time. 

‘However, when we look at it in regards to what we’re being exposed to, the vagina is near an outlet that is considered our waste disposal system,’ she continued. ‘We are changing the vaginal pH. We are changing what the vagina is equipped to do.’

She did not specifically recommend a product like a sheet mask but instead wanted women to pay attention to the ingredients in products going near the genital region. 

Dr. Latif also advised choosing a cleanser or pH balancing gel if considering any vaginal skincare products. 

‘When we’re looking at these different products, it’s a wellness,’ she said. ‘It’s a prevention. It’s a feeling. This is to feel good.’  

Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, an ob-gyn at Yale New Haven, told Teen Vogue she did not believe women should purchase sheet masks for their vulvas. 

‘[The mask] is absolutely unnecessary,’ she told the publication. ‘The less potential irritants women place on their vulvovaginal tissues, the better. The vulvovaginal tissue is the most sensitive tissue in the body — and just about any foreign substance can irritate it.’

Intimate skincare products, such as the charcoal mask, might continue to be a topic of debate as the industry grows larger with beauty items available for women.  

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