Olympian Sam Quek gives a tour of baby Molly’s adorable nursery complete with cuddly toys gifted by Carol Vorderman

Sam Quek has introduced her new daughter Molly to fans and given OK! an exclusive look around the new baby’s gorgeous nursery. Sam, who has said, the first few weeks have been “tough” and a “learning curve,” described the room as “nice and pink,’ thanks to its white and pink striped wallpaper.

Speaking exclusively with VIP Members, the Olympic gold medalist also showed off a gift she had received for baby Molly from her I'm a Celeb campmate Carol Vorderman. Watch the exclusive nursery tour – you don't want to miss out!

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Kicking things off with a look at a set of white shelves, Sam explained that the photo frames include important milestones, including her first pregnancy scan. Sam also showed off photo frames that were gifts from friends and family, as well as some old books and teddies that Sam’s partner Tom had as a baby.

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In the corner of the room is a grey chair, which Sam said she “fell in love with” and wanted as her nursing chair. Sat on top of the chair is a fluffy elephant cuddly toy, which Sam explained was given to her by a friend.

Elsewhere, Sam showed off her changing table which Sam said was “the most used” piece of furniture. Plenty of teddy bears and gifts adorned the rest of the shelves.

Sam then showed off her daughter’s wardrobe, adding, “every girl needs a full wardrobe,” before she pulled out a miniature Liverpool Football Club shirt and a Kansas City Chiefs shirt. Sam, who loves the two teams, says she has a “little tomboy in the making.”

Sam said her daughter is a “few months away” from sleeping in her crib, which is currently occupied by two cuddly rabbits which Sam explains were a gift from Carol Vorderman.

Olympic hockey player Sam Quek and husband Tom Mairs welcomed their first child, a baby girl, on the 2nd March and talk us through their gruelling 27-hour labour, after Sam went 11 days overdue.

Here, Sam and Tom discuss how their difficult journey to becoming parents has brought them closer together – and opens up on whether she wants Molly to follow in her footsteps as a professional athlete…

Congratulations, guys! Tell us about Molly…

Sam: We’re both completely besotted and in love. We can’t get enough. She’s already got a little character and she loves her bottle. She’s a really good baby. She only cries when she’s hungry and if she needs her nappy changed.

Tom: She just kicks and kicks. I’m telling you, she’s going to be an international footballer! She’s so strong. She looks very much like Sam. She’s got Sam’s eyes and dark colouring.

Sam: She’s an absolute gem and she’s growing every day.

How have you found the first few weeks as parents?

Sam: They’ve absolutely flown. I’ve loved every minute but it’s been tough. My emotions for the first weeks were all over the place. I’m not one for crying but I was sobbing at the littlest things. She’d grab my finger or look me in the eyes and I’d just burst into tears.

Blame those hormones! Tell us about the birth…

Sam: I was 11 days overdue and I was booked in for an induction. I went in but I was definitely already having contractions and started pre-labour over the weekend.
So we went in on the Monday and they said, “Okay, we’ll break your waters.”

It was bearable and I just had paracetamol and codeine, and I hadn’t started on the gas and air yet. It got more and more intense and I got to about 4cm [dilated] and they put me on the oxytocin drip – and that was a whole new labour for me.

Tom: Sam had been adamant she wanted to do nothing more than gas and air. And Sam’s got a really high pain threshold, being an Olympian. It got to hour number nine and Sam said, “I might just try the pethidine.”

Sam: What I didn’t realise with the drip, because it’s artificial, it apparently makes your contractions more intense.

Tom: I can’t believe the human body goes through that. I’ve seen Sam with broken ribs play hockey tournaments but, my God, watching a woman going through contractions is harrowing. I said to Sam, “We’re not doing this again!” Molly was born in the 28th hour.


Sam: It didn’t feel that long. We got to 6cm [dilated] at midnight and it went on for hours. The consultant kept coming in and I wasn’t moving from 6cm. She said, “Listen, you’re absolutely shattered. You’ve gone through a lot, your waters have been broken for longer than we’d like.”

Tom: You’ve skipped a bit there! Sam was at 6cm and said she wanted to keep trying, naturally. Another four hours and they said, “What do you want to do?” And then another four hours went past and she said, “I’ve got another four hours in me.”

They checked her at hour 24 and said, “You’re still at 6cm, what do you want to do?” And Sam was like, “It’s time to discuss options.” The baby’s head was starting to swell.

How was the C-section?

Sam: It was incredible. I love efficiency.

Tom: It was about 33 minutes from going in [to the theatre] to getting out. Sam’s
scar is like a work of art. But it was quite traumatic getting Molly out, because Sam’s abdominal muscles are so developed they couldn’t cut through them.

It was quite funny, because Sam was measuring quite small and they estimated Molly would be between 5lb and 6lb – but they got her out and the doctor was like, “She’s massive!”

They put her on the scales and she was 7lb 14oz. It must have been Sam’s abdominals keeping Molly in.

Sam: She came out and made a gurgle. I burst into tears. Tom burst into tears and he lifted her up, and she had this face staring at us, and then she burst into tears.

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What an experience…

Tom: Before you have the C-section, the doctor comes in and runs through all the things that can go wrong. Like, one in so many thousand won’t be able to have kids again. And Sam was like, “Can you save one of my eggs?”

They were about to take her down and I was like, “Everyone needs to leave the room. I need to have a word with my wife, here.” And I knelt by Sam, and tried to keep it together.

I’d just seen 24 hours of this woman climbing Everest with weights on her back. And I got down by her side and said, “I need to know you’ve got this. You’re knackered and have been unreal.” I started crying.

Sam: When I could see Tom looking at me and welling up, I switched into this…

Tom: I could see the face – the Olympic face. When it comes to game time, there’s nothing like it.

Sam: It was like when you’re drunk and you need to be sober and switch.

Tom: She looked me in the eyes and went, “I got this!”

Did you always have the name Molly?

Sam: It was after our 20-week scan we found out it was a girl. We had an app and narrowed it down to three of mine and three of Tom’s. From week 20, we stopped calling the bump Bump and started calling it one of these six names.

Tom: We both liked Molly. But we have two dogs – one called Max and one called Olly – Molly!

Sam: We joked around at first but it just stuck.

Has she got a middle name?

Tom: Doris, after Sam’s grandma, who’s just turned 100!

Sam: She’s 100 but completely with it. She was absolutely over the moon.

Are you breastfeeding, Sam?

Sam: I was originally. People always say, “Breast is best.” There’s a lot of pressure from a mother’s point of view to breastfeed. At the moment I’m expressing, just because of the trouble we had with breastfeeding and latching on. She was getting milk, just not enough milk. So I struggled.

Tom: We had the miscarriage in the January the year before, which was tough on Sam psychologically and she said she felt she let people down.

Then she wanted to give birth to Molly and it turned out it was by C-section. I didn’t realise, but part of Sam thought she’d failed to give birth.

Sam’s then breastfeeding Molly and she ends up slightly dehydrated, because you don’t know how much milk she’s getting. She lost 12% bodyweight and Sam said, “Well, I’ll pump.”

Afterwards, Sam was getting upset and said, “I feel like a letdown. I had a miscarriage, couldn’t give birth naturally, now I can’t breastfeed and I’m not producing enough milk.”

Oh, Sam…

Tom: There was this conversation of, “I feel like I’m failing as a woman!” And I was like, “What planet are you on?

You’ve had surgery and the miscarriage is nothing to do with you. You’re doing what’s best for Molly, by foregoing this amazing bond with breastfeeding. You’re giving that up to make sure Molly is getting enough food. That’s stepping up and really being a mother!”

Sam: You go through this emotional phase and just think, “I’m going to breastfeed.”
You do feel bad that you can’t do that. There’s so much pressure. You’re like, “I feel guilty she’s not got enough milk off me. I feel like a mother who has neglected their child.”
You have to realise there’s so much stuff out of your control.

After everything you went through with your miscarriage, does it make you appreciate Molly even more?

Sam: Definitely. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Tough times bring people together.

Tom: We were tight anyway but, Jesus, it brings you together even more. We feel lucky, because we know people who’ve had multiple miscarriages, or still can’t get pregnant.

Sam: It’s just incredible. The first question you get when you have a baby is, “When
are you having the next one?” And we’ve always wanted a big family.

Have you told any of your I’m A Celeb 2016 co-stars about Molly, Sam?

Sam: Only Carol [Vorderman]. She sent some really lovely presents. Some lovely bears and toy rabbits. We’ve told close family and friends and that’s about it.

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Will you encourage Molly to have a sporting career like you, Sam?

Sam: Definitely. My best mates come from my hockey teams and it took me around
the world. It helps build character.

Tom: She’s got Sam’s genes as an Olympic gold medallist and she’s going to have an Olympic gold medallist teaching her as well!

Sam: There will be no pressure whatsoever, but I’ll encourage her to play sport as much
as possible.

Finally, as a former athlete, do you feel sorry for Olympians who have spent the past year in lockdown?

Sam: Massively. The amount of time you spend on the pitch as a team is so important. Individual sport athletes can still work out but they’ve had difficulty getting to their gyms or meeting their trainers. It’s tough. Whoever goes to Tokyo in the summer and does it successfully will be whoever handled lockdown the best.

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