Olivia Wilde’s Kids Call Trump a Bully, & She Has No Desire to Stop Them

You probably know Olivia Wilde from her wildly successful acting career. She has starred in House, Tron: Legacy, The Lazarus Effect and dozens more. She also happens to be a producer, director, kick-ass mom, activist and, most recently, interior designer. Olivia Wilde has been flexing her interior design muscles by designing the inside of Dunkin’s’ new tiny house that runs entirely on coffee. Yes, coffee, but more on that later. If all that weren’t cool enough, Wilde is also the daughter of Leslie Cockburn — the award-winning American investigative journalist, filmmaker and congressional candidate for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District race. Impressive, yeah?

Naturally, when we were offered the opportunity to chat with Wilde about the new sustainable tiny home she helped design, we were all in. Not only did Wilde give us amazing details on Dunkin’s’ tiny home (you can see a video of it on their website), but we also chatted about food, home design, her family and, yes, President Donald Trump.

SheKnows: You’re partnering with Dunkin’, and you have helped them decorate their new tiny house that is powered entirely by used coffee grounds, which sounds amazing. Are you passionate about sustainability?

SK: How do you teach the importance of sustainability to Daisy and Otis? Is that something you practice at home?

SK: Do you think you could ever live in a tiny house with your family?

SK: Yes! Wouldn’t it be great?

SK: How would you describe the style of your own home?

SK: Seeing as the end of the year is coming up, and you’re a professional designer now, what do you think some of the biggest home decor trends of 2019 will be?

SK: Can we talk about another one of my favorite subjects for a minute? Food.

SK: Some people are very anti-snacking, but I am a huge snacker, and I hear you are as well. What are some of your go-to healthy snacks for yourself and for your kids?

SK: What does a typical weeknight meal look like for your family?

SK: Yes, that’s the best way to cook. So, I have one last question for you. It seems like every day, we are hit with more devastating news in some form. Whether it’s a mass shooting or another big blow to women’s rights. I think a lot of parents struggle with how to talk about things like this with their young kids. How do you approach sensitive subjects with Daisy and Otis?

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