Nurses who quit careers to make OnlyFans fortunes – including ex-NHS worker

While nursing can be one of the most rewarding careers out there – the gruelling hours, exhausting night shifts and underwhelming paychecks can leave a lot to be desired.

And while it takes years of training and hard work to be a qualified nurse – some people have ditched their healthcare careers for OnlyFans instead.

They now pocket a lot more for doing a lot less by stripping off on the adult subscription site.

Here, we take a look at some of the former healthcare workers who now have enviable bank balances.

ICU Nurse

Allie Rae went from being an emergency worker to a millionaire after she began creating X-rated content with her husband on OnlyFans.

She was an ICU nurse when her employers found out about her saucy videos and gave her an ultimatum.

Allie, 37, worked on NICU throughout the pandemic but was told she would be fired if she did not delete her raunchy account.

But the Boston mum-of-three turned to sex work full-time and is now already a self-made millionaire by earning £270,000 per month.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star last month, she said her weirdest request was from a fan who offered her £15,000 for her teeth.

She said: "He even said he would pay for the dental bills to have them safely removed for me… I respectfully declined."

Healthcare assistant

In March 2021, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a 1% pay rise to NHS staff who saved lives during the pandemic was “as much as we can give”.

His comments infuriated healthcare assistant James Cowe – who then made a drastic call.

The young man, from Bournemouth, began working in healthcare at 18 as an assistant in his family’s dementia patient care home.

But he quit his job and turned to OnlyFans last year and claimed to have earned his annual salary and more within 22 days of joining the racy site.

Speaking to PinkNews about the 1% pay hike, James said: “With the pressure from the coronavirus pandemic causing all healthcare industries huge amounts of strain, I felt unappreciated and actually insulted.

“I am extremely grateful to OnlyFans as I feel this is potentially the start of a life-changing experience.

“After struggling with such low pay in healthcare, the future is now looking much brighter.”

And reflecting on his healthcare career, he added: “I worked a total of six years in the healthcare industry and I found the workload to be increasingly demanding and exhausting for very little pay at the end of the month.”

Student nurse

Ex student nurse Nicole Desmond went from slogging it out paycheck to paycheck to funding her mother’s entire cancer treatment.

She did this by sacrificing her career to sell seductive snaps on OnlyFans instead – and now earns up to £70,000 per month.

Nicole, 34, initially joined to give her kids a better life, but her mum was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer four months later.

The nurse graduate used to support her family on £1,800 a month as a hospital secretary before raking in thousands a day.

She said: “I set myself up on OnlyFans after I saw the buzz about the site online.

“I was in debt at the time and working as a secretary, as well as pursuing my goal to become a nurse.

“I would get behind in bills just to provide the kids with decent school clothes and supplies so they didn’t have to deal with bullies.

"Thanks to OnlyFans we are financially stable and have a very fruitful life.”

And her mum, Patty, added: “OnlyFans is not something I could personally do but I don't judge anyone’s career path. If they like it and are happy, that’s none of my business.

"I'm proud of Nicole for building the life she has with her children and for never giving up. I see how hard she works."

Ripped Nurse

A nurse fed up with “terrible working conditions” and poor pay decided to get in shape and make a dramatic career change.

Melissa Lameira, from Rio De Janeiro, reduced her body fat from 40 to 13% and qualified as a personal trainer.

She then began showing off her ripped bod on OnlyFans to earn more than £5,400 a month.

The Brazilian bombshell – who now has 293,000 Instagram followers – said last year: “Today, I earn almost 30 times more a month than I did as a nurse.”

She added: “I have benefited a lot during the pandemic because more people are at home searching and enjoying this type of content."

The secret NHS worker

Last year an anonymous NHS worker revealed she turned to OnlyFans because she was too ashamed to ask others for financial help.

The East Yorkshire woman advertises herself as @kkutiepie and last year she spoke out about her racy new exploits.

She said: “All my life I have done things for others, as a wife, as a mum, and in my job. I constantly give my time and my help, and it's time for me now.

"People might think it's crazy, but this is about empowering myself as a woman and finally doing something for me.

"This is a real liberation for me, it's about taking control of my life and my independence and not being reliant on anyone else financially or emotionally.

"With this secret job, I can keep a roof over our heads and not be forced to ask anyone else for help or money."

The single mum – who was struggling to pay her bills – added: “I don't want to have to ask anyone for money and yet I don't make anywhere near enough money to pay for my house and bills on my NHS salary.

"But I didn't want to be dependent on people, asking parents or friends for money. I want to live my life on my terms."

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