No One But You and Your Pup Will Know This Faux Fur Rug Is Actually a Dog Bed

A dog bed doesn’t need to be a style statement, but why shouldn’t it be? The Paw Brands’ Pup Rug is, first-and-foremost, an orthopedic dog bed: It’s comfy, supportive, and the perfect place for your pup to rest. However, it’s also covered in a shag-like faux fur, which might just confuse your friends into thinking it’s a rug —  it’s certainly confused my friends so far.

The brand designed the rug as a “comfy place” for your pet to rest that also blends seamlessly into your decor. I found this especially useful in my tiny apartment, where floor space is limited. Every previous dog bed had become a focal point of my space because there was just no room to hide it, but this bed has actually added to the apartment’s decor. It’s got a zip-in faux fur shag cover that mimics those trendy boho rugs that you’ve probably seen all over Instagram. Unlike a normal shag rug that’s not exactly pet friendly, this faux fur cover can be removed and cleaned in your washing machine, so it always looks new. Best of all, my dog seems to prefer the faux fur design to any other cloth bed, snuggling into it like she’s cuddling with another animal. 

Buy It!  Paw Brands’ Pup Rug, Starting at $139;

Of course, a stylish dog bed isn’t nearly as important to me as one that’s actually good for my dog, and thankfully, this rug is also joint-friendly. It’s padded with an orthopedic memory foam base to minimize pressure, pain, and support my dog’s body comfortably. The memory foam is also covered in a water-resistant liner because accidents happen.  

“This is the only bed my dogs haven’t torn up. It’s as if they love it so much, they respect it,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “I have a 77-pound lab and a 6-pound poodle who both fit very comfortably on the large size. This bed looks like it belongs in front of my fireplace in a way a regular dog bed never could.”

“LOVE IT! The fur cover is so soft and cozy and the foam soft yet supportive,” says another. “My 11-year-old dog with hip dysplasia likes it, my kids like it (want their own), my cat likes it and I love the way it looks. So much better than the normal-looking dog bed. Looks like a throw rug. The memory foam is perfect for my arthritic 50-pound border collie.”

The bed is available in three sizes — small/medium, large/extra large, and giant — and two shapes and colors: a curved white style and a rectangular gray. For my medium-sized husky I got the extra-large bed in the curved white, and it fit her perfectly. I was worried the lighter color would show signs of wear almost immediately but I've had this rug for almost two months and still haven’t needed to wash it.

Buy It!  Paw Brands’ Pup Rug, Starting at $139;

If you’re happy with your current dog bed, but like the idea of a more stylish pet protector, Paw Brands also makes a faux fur, waterproof, furniture throw to cover your couches or bed. 

Shop Paw Brands’ Pup Rug at Amazon, now. Your dog and your home will thank you. 

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