New Moon horoscope: What to expect from Friday’s Aries New Moon

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As the New Moon forms in bold, fiery and courageous Aries, this doesn’t only mark the start of a new lunar cycle, this one shapes the energy of the lunar cycle for the whole year ahead. spoke to Moon Mentor and author of ‘Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycle and Crystals for Self-Care’, Kirsty Gallagher (@kirsty_gallagher_ on Instagram), to find out what’s in store for Friday’s Aries New Moon.

This New Moon will evoke an impetus to boldly forge new pathways and fire for what you want, as its potent Aries energy will inspire an air of determination and diminish self-doubt.

The last Pisces New Moon gave us a flavour of what’s to come, propelling us towards our goals and ambitions.

Next came the practical and meticulous Virgo full moon, which spring-cleaned the soul, cleared the old and helped welcome the new – in perfect time to pave way for Aries.

Kirsty said: “This new moon falls exactly halfway between the Spring Equinox and the start of the astrological year, and the meeting of Jupiter and Neptune conjunction. It’s a gateway into something new.

“This new moon, the beginning of a lunar cycle that contains once in a lifetime astrological energy and sets us up for the astrological year ahead, is the preparation point for all that is to come for you this year.”

Every month, we’re gifted with a New Moon, which brings energies that set the tone of the days, months and – and in this case – year ahead. said: “This exciting lunar energy is all about looking ahead with pure unadulterated enthusiasm and acting spontaneously, not worrying about the past or overthinking details.”

The Aries Moon is supported by Chiron, known as the wounded healer after Greek healer, philosopher, and teacher who – ironically, couldn’t heal himself.

However, when the moon is in conjunction with this celestial body, a self-healing know-how is stirred and methods to fix problems elucidate.

Kirsty said: “This new moon is working with Chiron to help us to heal and show you that you serve a special and unique soul purpose in this world, or you would not be here.

“If you are in any doubt about your gifts, purpose, what you have to offer, value or worth this moon will help you to see and heal that.”

This New Moon will help you see a new version of yourself, who has healed, learned, grown and evolved, ultimately enabling you to step towards your purpose with more confidence.

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This moon will align with cerebral Mercury, the planet of communication, and paired with Chiron’s energy, it will enable us to sensitively express and articulate ourselves today.

However, the caveat is Aries is a fire sign, which stirs more of an impulsive energy and we might say things we don’t mean – so keep this in mind today and try hard to think ahead.

The Moon’s alignment with Mercury will help project us down the self-discovery road.

Kirsty said: “Mercury is going to help you to see things differently. Think about things differently and believe in things differently.

“As you uncover more of who you are over this moon mercury will help upgrade and rewire your mind to align with this new version of you.”

This exciting New Moon not only prepares us for the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction; sparking a creative renaissance and optimism, but also the next Taurus New Moon solar eclipse.

Kirsty said that during this phase, “we will connect to our lunar nodes, step fully back onto our soul path and bring all of this down into reality”.

She added: “To do this, this Aries New Moon is going to help you find out who you are and what you are worthy and deserving of so that you are ready to receive and step into it when it comes.

“This moon is less about visioning what you want for the year, but more about preparing yourself to receive what you know deep down is coming.”

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