Never Lose Your AirPods Again With These Best-Selling Case Covers — All Under $20

When AirPods were first announced, many people couldn't help but think that giving up traditional earbuds wouldn't work out. However, today you probably can't walk down the street without seeing multiple people wearing the iconic white earbuds.

One thing that every AirPods owner knows is that they can get misplaced very easily. The case is small, and if it's not charged up you can't use the Find My AirPods feature on your iPhone to locate them. One way to get rid of that stress is simply by adding a case cover. Case covers often come with some sort of an attachment for you to have your earbuds close to you at all times. Whether it be a carabiner clip, lanyard, or strap to hook it onto your keys, pants, or purse, these case covers make it easier to have your eyes on your AirPods — literally. They're affordable, stylish, and convenient all around.

Ahead we've listed some of the best-selling AirPod case covers available on Amazon right now for AirPods 1 and 2. 

R-Fun AirPods Case Cover

Amazon shoppers love this case cover because it’s thin, includes a key ring, and comes in a variety of different colors. The silicone cover provides a sleek finish, and the front LED light that indicates how charged your AirPods are is always visible. The bottom has an opening so that you’re able to charge your AirPods and their case without removing the cover. It’s available in 48 (yes, 48!) different colors so there’s definitely an option for everyone.

“The fit is perfect and it doesn’t slide out or bend when I open my case. Amazing quality for the price,” one customer wrote. 

Buy It! R-Fun AirPods Case Cover, $5.99;

Troniker AirPods Protective Case Cover

For those who prefer a hard case cover, the Troniker AirPods Protective Case Cover is perfect for you. If your hands tend to get slippery and you find yourself dropping your AirPods case often, this one has got you covered.

It’s available in 31 different designs including marble print, glitter, animal print, and more. You can still charge your AirPods and their case while this protective cover is on as well. One reviewer was very happy about the clip that’s included, saying “I love that it comes with a carabiner clip so they don’t get lost!”

Buy It! Troniker AirPods Protective Case Cover, $9.99;

Suritch Full Body Protection Case Cover with Lanyard

Another great option for those seeking durability, the Suritch Full Body Case Cover provides 360-degree full body protection, saving your AirPods and their case from any drops or harsh impact damage. It’s both scratch- and shock-resistant, and a lanyard ensures it’ll always be by your side. Many shoppers are also very pleased with how easy it is to clean. It’s available in five different designs, including floral, marble, solid black, and more. 

Buy It! Suritch Full Body Protective Case Cover, $15.98;

Airspo AirPod Case Cover

Here is another silicone case cover, but with an emphasis on design. If you’re not a fan of solid colors and like something a bit more eccentric, this is a great soft cover option. The Airspo AirPod Case Cover is easy to slide on and off whenever you need to clean your actual AirPod case. It’s dustproof, shock-proof, scratch-resistant, and it won’t lose its shape or form over time. With a selection of prints including daisies, leopard print, banana leaves, and more, there’s options for tapping into your fun side. 

Buy It! Airspo AirPod Case Cover, $9.99;

Airspo 7 in 1 AirPods Accessories Set

Think of this as an extension to the Airspo Airpod Case Cover listed above. This accessories set is from the same brand, but includes a silicone case cover, silicone ear hooks, an anti-loss strap, a watch-band holder, portable travel hard case, and a stainless steel carabiner. So, if you’re looking to get a bit more out of your AirPods case cover purchase, this kit has everything you need. “It is the most amazing way to keep up with my Airpods. No more digging through my bag trying to find the small case,” one customer wrote. 

Buy It! Airspo 7 in 1 AirPods Accessories Set, $13.99; 

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