Netflix’s New Interactive Series Puts Bear Grylls’ Fate In Your Hands, So Choose Wisely

Fans basically just finished theorizing about the many endings of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. So, Netflix is naturally throwing yet another choose-your-own-adventure show out there to keep viewers busy and those Reddit pages thriving. On Monday, Netflix revealed its upcoming interactive series You vs. Wild, but this time, the series doesn’t take place in a sci-fi, alternate past. Instead, viewers will follow legendary survival expert and TV host Bear Grylls through various predicaments out in nature and his fate is up to those watching.

The series is an outdoor survival show in which Grylls navigates through extreme climates and habitats across the globe. The unscripted show continues Netflix’s groundbreaking interactive style of programming it introduced with Bandersnatch last December. In it, viewers will make Bear’s decisions for him as he goes through snow-covered terrain, cliffs, mountains, and forests, while jumping out of planes, facing wildlife animals, starting fires, and taking a rope swing across trees.

The show will premiere on April 10 and have eight episodes in its debut season. Netflix is hitting the ground running with its interactive approach in the show’s trailer, giving viewers options after watching. With the trailer and its subsequent videos, audiences can get a taste of the wild ride ahead.

The trailer’s description reads, "You’ve seen Bear Grylls battle the wild, but this time, his survival is in YOUR hands. Will you answer the call? You decide." The video shows a search engine with phrases typed in, such as, "What should you do if you come across a crocodile?" and "What should you do if the crocodile is running towards [you]?" A preview of viewers’ futures, perhaps.

Then, Grylls dials in with an incoming FaceTime call that viewers can decline (leading to a 26-second video) or accept (a 44-second video). The decline option leads to another video, saying, "Are you afraid of a little adventure? Every choice matters." Fans who answer, however, get to a brief FaceTime video from Bear.

"I’m so glad you answered, because I really need your help. I’m about to embark on one of my most epic adventures and this time you’re gonna be in charge," he says. "Get packing, get ready, because every jungle, desert, mountain that I’m in, every decision is your decision. You’re gonna dictate what I do." Then, he even teases how specific audiences’ choices will be. "Do I go left or right? Through I go over the mountains? Do I go through the caves? Cross the river? Swim the river? You decide."

This video then prompts yet another choice by asking, "Will you join Bear on the adventure?" Each choice, yes and no, leads to its own, brief video. (The "Yes" video is above.) While Grylls’ TV fate is still undecided, the nature expert is ready for what’s ahead. On Monday, March 18, he posted to his Instagram Story, writing, "Our biggest TV announcement ever, in terms of innovation and global reach." Let’s just hope viewers aren’t too hard on him while he’s facing crocodiles and surviving those treacherous, snow-capped mountains.

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