Nando’s brings back its hottest ever sauce for those who are brave enough

Nando's is bringing back its much sought-after hottest sauce ever for those who like a little spice in their lives.

VUSA XX HOT is the kind of spice which gets your eyes watering and taste buds tingling with fire that doesn’t flinch on flavour.

Inspired by its Southern Africa heritage (in Zulu Vusa means "excitement and fire") Nando’s fiercest flavour sits higher than its Extra-Hot level on the famous PERi-ometer.

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It's said the sauce returned to the menu due to popular demand, and it's reported to make even the biggest self-proclaimed heat fiends break a sweat.

Nando’s even created a tongue-in-cheek liability waiver which asks spice fans to "confirm I know where to find the Bottomless Froyo machine" before sampling the goods.

If you think you have the guts to take on the spice it's said you need to consider the conditions in the waiver before ordering the VUSA XX HOT.

Heat heads can order VUSA XX HOT on an extensive list of menu items from wings to wraps for a limited time only, so fans are expected to make the most of it while it lasts.

In addition to this, Nando's Spiced Chickpea recipe is also now available in a wrap or pitta.

Designed to celebrate the natural goodness and deliciousness of vegetables, the flavoursome spiced chickpea and spinach patty is teamed with hummus, pink pickled onions and smoky red pepper chutney to take customers on a tantalising journey.

When added to crunchy lettuce in either a soft tortilla wrap or toasted pitta, it makes for a perfect veggie treat.

VUSA XX HOT spice and the Spiced Chickpea wrap and pitta will be available at Nando’s restaurants across the UK and Ireland from January 4, 2023.


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