My parents have refused to see me over Xmas if I let my cocaine addict brother stay with me

He is a cocaine addict. Everyone has tried to help him. My parents even paid loan sharks £12,000 for him but he will not give up. They finally threw him out and he went to his girlfriend’s. She eventually told him to leave too. He is 37.

I am 35 and my wife is 34. We have children aged nine, six and five and do not want my brother around them while he is still using. But he phones me up, crying, saying he will be homeless if we do not have him.

My parents will not come over on Christmas Day if we take him in, and will ban us from their house too. Our kids are very close to my parents and will be very upset not to see them.

I used to look up to my brother and his situation breaks my heart.

DEIDRE SAYS: This is terrible but you must put your kids first. It would be risky for them to have your drug-using brother living in your house.

Tell him he can come and live with you if he gets help and stays clean, but not until then.

My e-leaflet on Drug Worries explains.

Suggest he asks Shelter for guidance on solving his housing problem (

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