My life was turned upside down when I got sick – now I have nothing

DEAR DEIDRE: TWO years ago my life was turned upside down when I started to struggle with pain and fatigue. My energy levels and fitness plummeted.

I suffer from disability and chronic illness. I became so ill I had to leave my job and I’ve never been well enough to look for another one.

I know many friendships drifted apart in lockdown, but add my circumstances to that and I feel quite isolated.

I always met my friends through sports or work, but I can’t do either now. I’m a single 36-year-old female.

I always thought I’d fall in love and settle down, but I’m aware in a competitive dating market, this is unlikely.

I’m slowly accepting my life won’t be as planned – just different.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It is worth trying other ways apart from online dating.

Meeting people face to face and spending time in their company will give you a better chance to show them how much you have to offer.

Try joining a Phab club, where the able-bodied and disabled enjoy life together on equal terms (, 020 8667 9443).

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