‘My husband spent thousands on presents for friends – and bought me £15 spoons’

Christmas is the time for giving.

But when a woman found out her husband planned to spend a fortune on his friends and not her, she wasn’t best pleased.

On Reddit, the wife explained: "We've been married for almost a year (together for 3) this is our first Christmas as married couple.

"He made a list of every person he wanted to buy a gift for. I stumbled upon this list by accident and out of curiosity decided to take a look."

The anonymous lass was raging to find out her partner had spent around £3,700 on gifts for his loved ones.

He’d splashed £450 on a watch for a colleague and £680 on fitness gear for a friend – yet only budgeted £15 for a set of silver spoons for his wife.

The Redditor continued: "I was too shocked to ignore this and I had a confrontation with him about it.

"He argued that A. It's his money he's the one paying so I should not control that.

"And B. His co workers/friends are important to him and he's known them for ages. C. He said a gift should be appreciated no matter what it cost."

The wife felt "disrespected" by the response – especially as she'd spent loads on her partner.

She said: "He got upset and said I was acting like an ungrateful, spoiled brat and urged me to get rid of this attitude and accept what I'm giving.

"The argument got worse and we stopped talking to each other."

The Reddit post went viral – and the vast majority of responders were on the woman's side.

One commenter said: "It would be one thing if she was a spoon collector and, while cheap, this set was unique and interesting or just something she really wanted. He's putting no thought into it."

And another said: "I’m stunned reading that the most important person in his life is worth less thoughtfulness than a coworker, which can come and go.

"In most marriages, assets are considered jointly and spending decisions are made jointly as well within a certain limit.

"His Xmas spending, even with a huge income, seems very excessive to me….and kinda inappropriate/unprofessional especially if they can’t reciprocate on that level…"

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