My girlfriend is moving her ex back in – am I right to be worried?

DEAR DEIDRE: MY girlfriend told me that although her ex is moving back in with her, they are not getting back together. I can’t help thinking she is stringing me along.

I met her through a dating app a few months ago but I’m having a hard time deciding if she likes me.

We talk most days but sometimes miss a day if we are busy. I’m 33 and she’s 30.

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She says she likes me but then she dropped this bombshell about her ex, who she was with for three years.

She claimed there’s nothing for me to worry about because they’re not getting back together. But I’d feel out of place if I went over there.

She admitted he has tried to get back with her but reassured me she won’t. I want to believe her – and I want her to be happy too. But is she stringing me along?

DEIDRE SAYS: She needs to give you a valid explanation as to why he is moving back in. You clearly don’t trust her, perhaps with good reason.

Try not to jump to conclusions until you have heard her out. She has reassured you she is not going to get back with him but she needs to listen to your concerns.

If she won’t consider your feelings, you will have to decide whether you can stay in a relationship that makes you feel insecure.

My support pack Dealing With Jealousy could help you manage these feelings.

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