My fella uses social media to look at pics of naked men and it's breaking my heart

We are both men aged 32 and have been married for four years. He strayed twice in the early days, but we worked through it.

Our relationship and our sex life are good except that he looks at pictures of naked men. He doesn’t hide it and I am glad of that, but it also makes me feel that I am just not enough
for him. He denies that but it hurts so much every time I see he has saved more pictures of guys.

DEIDRE SAYS: You need to have a calm, serious talk about what these pictures mean to each of you.

It sounds like you see them as rivals, but what does he gets out of them?

Does he find them arousing? Does he use them as a sort of foreplay?

If so, can you look at them together? They would lose their threat if you were comparing notes.

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