‘My date left to move his car and never came back’

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Rachel Wilson is a 28-year-old woman from Florida who had a disastrous date that only lasted 45 seconds. She recently told the story of what happened on her TikTok account @raychfayce, and the shocking story got over 4 million views.

The woman who taken the internet by storm after she posted about a date that went wrong in just less than a minute. Rachel posted a TikTok and in the text she wrote: “My Hinge date left 45 seconds after meeting me to ‘move his car’.”

Rachel was set to go on a date after talking to a man for four days after meeting him on the social media dating app Hinge. The pair decided to be casual and go to a local sports bar for some chicken wings and have a beer but less than one minute after meeting for the first time, the man excused himself to “move his car.”

Rachel explained she had seen a sign at the sports bar about cars parked in the wrong area being towed regularly, so she did not think anything was amiss.

However, she then received a text message from her would-be date who said: “Sorry, wasn’t feeling it.”

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In an interview about the incident, Rachel told the publication NeedToKnow that she waited outside the bar for five minutes before she got a text from the man explaining that he had left. She said: “I didn’t respond and immediately deleted his number and have heard no word from him since.”

However, Rachel has said the incident has not fazed her and added: “I think if I was not a confident person this would have honestly wrecked me, but luckily I am very secure and confident in who I am, so it won’t affect the way I approach dating moving forward.”

Before meeting the man, Rachel said there were no warning signs, and said: “I liked that he made solid plans right off the bat.

“I hate when you meet someone on a dating app and talk back and forth forever, with no solid plans to meet.

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Rachel has been able to laugh off the incident as she has gotten millions of views plus hundreds of thousands of comments on her social media since she posted about the disastrous date, However, not all the comments she has received since joking about the date have been positive, and she has received many angry comments from men who have accused her of deceiving her would-be date.

One comment said: “What did your photos look like, you must have led him to believe you were something else.”

Rachel addressed the negative comments in a video and said: “I don’t owe anyone an explanation, but I do feel like it’s necessary for me to say that my representation of myself on dating apps and social media is very realistic. I don’t use filters…what you see is what you get baby.”

She also added: “I think it’s really interesting that everyone’s cut reaction is to like blame the woman in the situation”

However, Rachel has received lots of supportive messages as well One person said: “The dating pool is really at rock bottom.” while somebody else wrote: “At last he only wasted 45 seconds of your day.”

One woman named Mackenzie said: “[It was] divine intervention you deserve better.” while another person said: “His loss, not yours, girl you are better off”. Another woman named Shana said: “You are so adorable. Anyone who thinks they know someone after 45 seconds is not it.”

Other commentators also shared stories of their own disastrous dates, as one woman named Jo said: “A guy begged me to go on a date with him for hours, bought me flowers and ice cream just to drive me home after 15 mins [because] he wasn’t into me suddenly.” Another woman said: “Had a guy over who saw my devil tarot card tapestry, nervously asked if I’m a satanist (I’m not) and then said he had to take a call and dipped.”

One woman confessed that she once did the same thing and left a man while on a date, and wrote: “I did this to a guy but only because he showed up 30 min late and tried to change plans at arrival.”

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