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DEAR DEIDRE: SEXTING other women does not count as cheating, according to my boyfriend.

How can I make him see that he’s being unfaithful?

I’m 24, he’s 23 and we’ve been seeing each other for 18 months.

Our relationship is pretty good and we have a brilliant sex life.

But even though he says I satisfy him, he still messages other women, sending suggestive texts and complimenting them on their bodies.

Once, he sent a girl a picture of his naked torso to show them the results of his new gym routine. He says he’s a flirty person and means nothing by it.

But it upsets me and feels like betrayal, especially as one of the women he sexts is his ex.

He thinks I have no right to complain, when he hasn’t slept with anyone else. Am I overreacting?

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DEIDRE SAYS: People have different ideas of what constitutes cheating.

There’s no wrong or right here. What matters is that a couple make their feelings clear to each other and respect each other’s boundaries.

You feel sexting is cheating – as would a majority of people, I believe. Your boyfriend doesn’t.

Regardless, he knows he’s upsetting you and needs to take your feelings into account.

Read my support pack, Looking After Your Relationship, together.

If he won’t stop sexting for your sake, walk away. You deserve better.


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