My boyfriend is always sexting other women and never finds time to have sex with me

We’ve not had sex in months. He says he’s “not interested in sex full stop” yet I’ve caught him talking dirty on dating sites.

I asked him whether he would do that with me and he said no, but he’s admitted that sexting is a turn-on. He claims it’s not cheating.

It’s not doing much for my self-esteem. I’m 30 and an attractive woman. I turn other guys away because of my boyfriend. He’s 37. We may split up if we can’t sort this out.

DEIDRE SAYS: Sexting is a form of cheating. He may not meet these women but he’s clearly getting his sexual kicks with them.

It sounds as though he has grown so used to getting his sexual kicks on-screen he is now turned off real-life sex.

Be firm. Tell him your relationship can’t go on like this. He must stop the sexting and work with you on reviving your sex life.

My e-leaflet Sex-Play Sex Therapy explains how.

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