Mum who took Christmas snap of royals earned enough to quit work for a year

A mum who took an incredible picture of the Kate, William, Meghan and Harry on Christmas day last year earned enough money to quit work for a year.

Single mum Karen Anvil, 40, captured the royal couples at their annual Christmas Day service in Sandringham.

Karen, from Watlington in Norfolk, said reaction to the picture had been "bizarre and bonkers" and felt like a "lottery win" after it was sold across the world.

The incredible shot captured all four of the royals walking alongside one another – all looking towards the camera.

By 5pm on the same day that Karen captured the image, it had been sold to 50 countries – featuring in magazines, newspapers and on TV channels.

The sales raked in a staggering £40,000 – which allowed Karen to clear debts and revamp her home.

The first thing she bought with her earnings was a new bed frame, after sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 18 months after her old frame broke.

Karen revealed she made a regular monthly income from the image ranging from £600 to £6,000.

Speaking to the BBC, she said: "The biggest change for me was that it was so nice to go shopping at Tesco and not be worried about whether I’ve got the cash in the bank."    

Karen and her daughter Rachel have also enjoyed their first trip abroad, celebrating Rachel’s 18th birthday in Paris.

Rachel said: "Mum knew this was a one-off and wanted to use every penny wisely.

"Every penny the photo has made has gone on our family and our home. Even the guinea pigs. I’m so proud of her."

Karen even managed to chat to Prince Harry after the One Show put her image up against a professional photographer’s comparing who captured the best shot.

She said: "I asked him if he had seen my Christmas photo and, after looking at me quizzically, he suddenly smiled and said: ‘I hope you’ve been paid a lot of money for it."

This year, Karen will be working for the Mirror at the service to see if she can capture another perfect photo.

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