Mum shares her hack for making sure the toilet roll lasts longer

Mum’s simple trick for making the toilet roll last a lot longer – and it stops kids from using too much in one go

  •  An Australian mum has revealed how to make toilet paper last longer at home
  •  She says the hack is especially handy when the children are home from school
  •  She simply squashes the roll so it doesn’t roll freely on the dispenser

A mum has revealed how she makes sure her kids aren’t wasting toilet paper every time they visit the bathroom – and she doesn’t have to ration it out for them every time they go.

The budget-savvy Australian mum simply squashes the toilet roll before she puts it on the dispenser.

This makes it harder for the roll to spin, so her kids can’t just tug on the end of the roll and end up with ‘way too much’.

The budget-savvy Australian mum simply squashes the toilet roll before she puts it on the dispenser

‘Kids home from school? Going through toilet paper faster than usual?’ she teased with her post.

Before showing exactly how she puts the paper on the holder.

‘This would be perfect for us, my daughter pulls it and it comes off. then she calls me because the toilet paper is running,’ one mum laughed. 

And it appears the trick doesn’t just stop small children from ripping through a roll of toilet paper.

‘I will be doing this for my partner,’ one woman said.

‘I will do this for my husband, I hear the toilet roll holder and just cringe,’ another said. 

But not every one was a fan of the hack.

‘That’s just evil,’ said one mum.

‘Wouldn’t work for my kids, they would keep on pulling,’ one woman said. 

While others also discovered the trick, completely by accident.

The hack makes the roll harder to spin – so it lasts longer because people don’t use too much paper

‘That’s so annoying when the roll is squashed because the kids sat on it in the trolley, but it does work,’ one woman said. 

Other mums thanked the poster for her tips – after they were dolling out toilet paper manually.

‘I used to put it out of reach so they had to yell out for me to ration it for them,’ one mum said.

‘I draw a line on the wall three or four squares down – it is an easy measurement for all,’ another said. 

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