Mum reveals how to get rid of pain from mosquito bites instantly

Mum reveals her two-step trick for banishing mosquito bite itching and pain in minutes – and you have everything you need in your kitchen

  • Anita Birges has revealed her go-to hack to getting rid of itchy mosquito bites
  • The professional organiser uses a metal spoon and cup of hot water for her hack 
  • She heats up the spoon and then rubs it on the itch for five minutes to stop itch

A tea spoon and half a cup of hot water could be key in helping you get through mosquito season itch and pain free, a home hacks expert claims.

Professional organiser Anita Birges, the founder of Mise en place, shared the unique method and said while she loves spending time outside in the summer months mosquitoes are a major problem for her family.

‘Don’t worry because I have the mosquito bite healing hack every one should know,’ she said. 

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Anita Birges has revealed how to get rid of itchy mosquito bites using a mug and spoon

She then showed herself filling a white mug halfway with hot tap water, before placing a metal spoon inside.

She let the spoon sit in the water for a minute before holding it on the bite for five minutes.

Anita explained the hot spoon helps to break down proteins in the mosquitoes saliva, which cause the itch.

She also said the hack should relieve the itch immediately and make it heal faster.

‘Just make sure the spoon is hot enough to do the trick without burning your skin,’ she said.

The video was liked by more thana thousand people, each calling the busy mum a life saver for sharing the hack. 

‘I will try this, as I just read to put hot water on jellyfish sting. For same reason to deactivate the jelly fish toxins and reduce pain,’ said another.

The mum said she loves spending time outside but hates the annoying bites

How do I get rid of mosquito bites using a hot spoon? 

1. Grab yourself a mug and a spoon (size of the spoon doesn’t matter) 

2. Fill your mug up halfway with hot water, straight from your tap and leave your spoon in the hot water for at least 1 minute

3. Hold and rub the back of the spoon gently against the bite for about 5 minutes

Source: Anita Birges 

‘Usually roll on deodorant works a treat. But the mozzies this year are feral. Will try this as nothing else is working this year,’ said another.

Others said they have used the trick for years but warned the spoon needs to be very hot for it to work.

A pest controller confirmed the trick works and added a few others to the list.

They said you can soak the bite in oatmeal for 20 minutes to relieve swelling, rub aloe vera on it and even suggest using vinegar and garlic. 

How else can I get rid of mosquito bites? 

1 – Rub them with roll-on deodorant 

2 – Rub aloe vera on it 

3 – Soak the bite in oatmeal

4 – Draw a circle around the bite in a biro

5 – Put some minty toothpaste on it  

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