Mum red-faced after bargain paddling pool arrives and hardly fits her TV remote

A mum has shared her shock at ordering a paddling pool online, only realising when it arrived that it’s a mini version designed for dolls.

Amy Macdonald, 11, hoped to cool off from the hot weather in a nice paddling pool, however mum Claire, 31, didn’t get what she was expecting in the post.

The stay-at-home mum unwrapped the £12 package from eBay to find the item was tiny, leaving poor Amy with more of a foot spa than a swimming pool.

Claire, from Macduff, Aberdeenshire, said: ‘I wanted to get a paddling pool for my daughter but didn’t want anything too big because it would take too long to fill, so I thought this would be perfect.

‘It definitely wasn’t. I just laughed so much when I opened it.

‘Usually eBay isn’t too bad for shopping fails but I guess I’ve just got bad luck.#

Claire took a picture of her TV remote in the pool to show just how tiny it was, but it’ll probably end up as a portable cat water bowl for the family’s pet.

‘I might just fill it up with water and let my cat drink out of it,’ said Claire.

‘At least it’s worth using for something despite my stupidity!’

But this isn’t the first time Claire has had an online shopping faux-pas, as she jokes that she has nearly enough tiny objects to fill a whole dollhouse.

She added: ‘I’m very prone to these online shopping fails.

‘One time I ordered a pan which could only fit half a potato in it.

‘Another time there was a tiny heart-shaped rug that was supposed to fill my living room floor but it wouldn’t even fit on a seat.

‘I’ve also had the other end of the spectrum when I got a lampshade for Amy’s room which was basically the same size as her.

‘My family always make a joke out of it I end up just laughing everything off.’

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