Mum praised for admitting she hates playing with her daughter and her dolls

A mum has been praised for sharing her parenting difficulties while raising a child as she openly admitted she hated playing with her daughter.

Lynn Marie, from Indiana, US, took to TikTok to confess that she has not always been a fan of Barbie dolls and struggles to enjoy them with her young tot.

She said: "Last night my daughter asked me to play with her and I hate doing that.

"I will go for a walk or take her somewhere, I don't want to play with Barbies. But I felt bad because she is my only child."

Lynn eventually said "yes" to her daughter and admitted that she "half-heartedly" sat down with her and played the dolls together for 10 minutes.

But it made her realise how much it meant for the young girl.

"This morning she got up, ready for school, in a super good mood," she continues. "And then she said 'will you play Barbies with me?'

"I was like 'errr…' then she said 'I had so much fun when you played Barbies with me yesterday'. It just about broke my heart.

"Because if my half-hearted attempt to placate her meant that much, I could definitely do that again."

Lynn's story has captured many other parents' hearts and she was praised for being "honest".

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One said: "I played with my child every day. She's 16 now and prefers to be alone. I cherish those moments I played, no matter how half-hearted."

"I always remind myself that my baby didn't ask to be here, I invited him out here," another wrote. "So I gotta keep my company happy. Thanks for being honest."

"You are her world and the favourite person," a girl commented. "It might not seem like a big deal to you, but for her, it's her world."

Lynn said she is now spending at least 10 minutes every day to play with her daughter and will continue to create memories when they go out and experience things.

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